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Warranties & Manuals

Our Product Warranties & manuals

Founded by Rohan London in 1988 as Sunlover Solar, the company has grown from its Melbourne base to a national business supplying quality pool and spa heating products to trade customers, including pool builders and retail pool shops.

Strip Solar Heating

Strip Solar heating hand over kit

Sunlover Heating Solar Absorber Warranty

DIY - Strip Solar - Instruction Manual

Vacuum Relief Valve (Vacrel) Troubleshooting

Rigid Solar Heating

rigid Solar heating hand over kit

rigid panel lifetime Warranty

DIY - Rigid Solar Instruction Manual UPDATED 2016

Vacuum Relief Valve (Vacrel) Troubleshooting

Solar Controllers

Control Box / Controller Repair Request Form

Boost Pump

Oasis M Series Pump Installation and Operation Manual

Oasis P Series Pump Installation and Operation Manual

Oasis V Series Variable Speed Pump Installation and Operation Manual

AstralPool E-Series Pool & Spa Pump Instruction Manual

Hayward - MaxFloPump Owner’s Manual

Heat Pump

Oasis Heat Pump Warranty

X9 - X13 Heat Pump Manual

X19 - X24 Heat Pump Manual

X28 - X28 T Heat Pump Manual

I9 - I19 Inverter Series Heat Pump Manual

I24 Inverter Series Heat Pump Manual

C38 - C58 Semi Commercial Heat Pump Manual

C10 Heat Pump Manual

C16 Heat Pump Manual

H Series & C Series Heat Pump Manual

Elite Alloy Heat Pump Manual

Oasis CI Inverter Heat Pump Manual

Gas Heater

Gas Heater Limited Warranty

Gas Heater Owner’s Manual

Pool Blanket

Pool Blanket Warranty

Blanket Care Information

Pool Blanket Installation Guideline

Pool Blanket Warranty Request Form

Swimming Pool Blanket Roller

Swimming Pool Blanket Roller Warranty

SS75 Roller Installation Instructions

SS100 Roller Installation Instructions

UV Cover Installation Instructions

SR Roller Installation Instructions

ST & FM Roller Installation Instructions