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Sunlover Heating solar systems deliver the ‘swim when you want’ lifestyle.

Pool water temperatures naturally vary from north to south, from season to season, and even from early morning to night. Throughout the year sunlover solar heating is effective in heating your pool. See how solar heating works click here.

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Solar heating is a simple and effective way to heat your pool and with a solar controller you can achieve great control of your pool temperature.

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NEW Multi Layered technology


Red Inside

  • Specifically formulated for maximum chemical resistance
  • Increased resistance to collapse from vacuum crush
  • Optimum sealing around manifolds and barbs, so no leaks
  • Round tube design for maximum resistance to crushing & splitting


Black Matt Outside

  • The best UV weathering resistance package available, resulting in longer life
  • Material contains a ‘high matting agent’ which greatly improves solar absorption, providing superior performance & efficiency
  • Is also formulated to have increased toughness to resist mechanical damage and puncturing


Sunlover Manifold

The new indestructible Sunlover manifold provides no gluing joints for easy installation and have winged sides that lock the manifold in place that stop sideward movement.

  • No Gluing Joints
  • Indestructible Design
  • Winged Shape locks in place

The wings also protect the rubber grommet from UV deterioration.


PVC Premium Absorber

PVC Nitrile Premium Absorber manufactured from chemical resistant polymer compounds certified to meet AS2369.2-1993 – Materials for solar collectors for swimming pool heating, Part 2: Flexible or plasticised polyvinylchloride.


How does solar heating work?

Solar systems are economical and provide long life because they are simple.
Cold water is pumped from your pool, through solar absorber on your hot
roof, collects heat then makes the return trip to your pool.

Solar systems are economical and long life because they are simple



We supply pumps by industry leading manufactures such as Astral.



Controller Range

Sunlover Heating solar systems are easy to operate. With a range of electronic controllers featuring easy to follow digital readouts, you can set your desired water temperature and operating times and forget it.

The sophisticated Sunlover Heating digital controllers are reliable, Australian made and serviced and are available with optional wireless remote controls.

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