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Terms & Conditions

Sunlover Heating - Terms & Conditions

I have read and fully understand the recently received quotation for a Sunlover Heating Solar System to be installed.

I understand signing the quote acceptance document confirms my approval for Sunlover Heating to proceed as detailed in the quotation provided.

I agree to make all payments as set out in the quotation with full payment due upon completion of the installation.

Work cannot commence until a signed quote acceptance has been returned and deposit paid.

Ownership and warranty does not pass to the customer until full payment has been received.

If, for any technical reason, it is deemed not possible to complete approved works, Sunlover Heating’s obligation will be at an end, and the deposit will be refunded to the customer less any costs incurred due to customer alterations of the original quotation/work order.

In the event the installation must be varied due to hidden or unforseen circumstances or the customer requests a variation to the installation, so as to increase the total cost, Sunlover Heating Pty Ltd reserves the right to adjust the quoted price accordingly and additional cost will be payable by the customer.

If full payment is not received by Sunlover Heating Pty Ltd within 7 days and without any reason deemed valid by Sunlover Heating Pty Ltd, the debt will be lodged with Sunlover Heating’s Debt recovery Agency, and additional charges of at least 25% plus GST will be payable by the client to cover collection costs.

In the event the client wishes to cancel this contract the deposit will be treated as part payment and is therefore non-refundable.

Any additional requirements or variations to that specified in the quotation, to be made effective, shall be in writing and signed by both parties.

The supply of goods pursuant to a quotation is subject to the availability of materials to Sunlover Heating Pty Ltd and no responsibility is accepted by Sunlover Heating Pty Ltd for delays arising from the unavailability of materials or caused by force ma-jeure or inclement weather or any other delay outside of control of Sunlover Heating Pty Ltd.

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