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Oasis Smart Controller

Take charge of your pool system with the tap of a finger.

Oasis Smart Pool & SPA Wifi Control System

Seamless automation for your pool equipment.

Control your pool from anywhere, anytime.
Turn the heater up, switch the lights on and show off that water feature in swimming pool when opening hours start and guests arrive. Set cleaning and maintenance or get the swimming pool ready before you get home. Controlling every aspect of your pool system has never been easier with the Oasis Smart App.

Product Features:

Oasis SmartChem Pool & SPA Wifi Control System

In conjunction with the Oasis Smart Control System & CX Chlorinator, the Oasis SmartChem is designed to monitor and automatically adjust the pH and Chlorine (ORP) levels providing automation of water chemistry. Protect your family from skin irritations and red eyes, while safeguarding your pool and spa equipment.

The SmartChem will automatically dose pool acid (when its required) to maintain the set pH level once the pH and ORP levels are set in the Oasis Smart app. It will also maintain the systems ORP by either turning the chlorinator on or off as its required.

Product Features:

Sanitation for a healthy and hygienic pool

Oasis CX LogixpH Control System

The perfect companion for the CX salt and mineral system.

No need to worry about monitoring and adjusting the pH of your pool water manually with this innovative controller that effortlessly maintains it for you, completely eliminating the need for a probe.

By utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, the controller accurately determines the precise dosage of acid required to maintain your pool water within the recommended pH range.

This carefully calculated amount is then automatically dispensed through a single peristaltic pump, ensuring that your pool’s water chemistry remains consistently balanced, optimizing the effectiveness of the sanitiser.

Key Features:

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