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Rigid Solar heating

what is rigid solar heating?

State of the art design and engineering that deliver efficient and reliable heating.

Using the latest technology and engineering, Sunlover Heating installs solar pool heaters that are the most affordable, most reliable, and extend swimming seasons.

Just some of our rigid solar pool heating panel features:

Sunlover Rigid Panel


Less heat loss means a more efficient system.

Sunlover Panels’ BTU rating:

93.5 BTU/M²

What are BTU's?

BTU’s are a unit of measure used to measure thermal (heat) energy. The higher the BTU’s the more heat retained by a solar collector. Sunlover collectors have the lowest heat loss because of our connected flow tubes (vs. Conventional individual tubes)

Are you getting the benefit of nature’s free solar resource?

Pool water temperature naturally varies from north to south, from season to season, and even from early morning to night. Sunlover Heating solar system delivers the ‘swim when you want’ lifestyle – that adds value to your pool.

Sun Rays Chart
Rigid Solar Heating

Efficient, indestructable and eco-friendly.

State of the art design and engineering that deliver efficient and reliable heating.

Other pool solar panels can cool rapidly during windy conditions because the individual flow tubes aren’t insulated by each other. Sunlover Heating has rigid solar pool heating tubes that are connected for insulation so that they stay warm longer.

The patented design of this rigid solar heating system also allows our panels to heat your pool and withstand freezing conditions better than collector with round flow tubes that cannot expand or change shape.

Other features of Rigid Solar Heating

Rigid Solar Heating


Rigid Solar Heating Logo Images


Rigid Solar Heating Logo Images


Industry’s Best Lifetime Warranty

Sunlover rigid solar pool heating panel comes with a lifetime product guarantee – an initial 10 year warranty period, followed by a lifetime pro rata warranty.

Our Rigid Panels are accredited by:

This is the best warranty and is backed by over 35 years of supply to the industry.

How does solar heating System work?

Rigid Solar Heating

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we are the multi award winning pool heating specialists

Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 rigid solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers for more than 30 years.

Not sure what solar pool heating system is best for you?
We can help, just call us and we’ll explain which solar pool heaters will be best. Call our experts in solar pool heating system in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne today! 

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Not sure what pool heating system is best for you?

We can help, just call us and we’ll explain which pool heating system will be best.

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