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Pool Cover Rollers

Premium Pool Cover Rollers Protect Your Investment

Reduce Pool Maintenance Costs with a Pool Cover Roller.

Sleek, contemporary designs make Sunlover Heating’s pool roller stand out from the rest. Each pool covers roller system is a great investment and addition to your pool.  Each pool cover roller will suit either a thermal or solar blanket, making them an excellent choice for your favoured pool blanket.  

Each roller is easy to use and fits each pool cover, no matter the shape.

Some of the many features include:

Product Details

Part #Product DescriptionTube LengthMax Pool Size
SS7500Stainless Steel 75mm Mobile Roller3.114.0 x 2.8
SS7501Stainless Steel 75mm Mobile Roller3.414.0 x 3.1
SS7503Stainless Steel 75mm Mobile Roller4.014.0 x 3.7
SS7504Stainless Steel 75mm Mobile Roller4.314.0 x 4.0
SS7505Stainless Steel 75mm Mobile Roller4.612.0 x 4.3
SS10001Stainless Steel 100mm Mobile RollerTelescopic14.0 x 5.0
SS10002Stainless Steel 100mm Mobile RollerTelescopic14.0 x 6.4

Installation Manuals

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