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Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

We Supply and Install Domestic and Commercial Pool Heat Pumps.

Sunlover Heating Oasis heat pumps deliver low operating cost to keep your swimming pool warm and ready – no need to plan ahead to turn on the heat.

Component Benefits

  • Digital Controller’
  • Hydrophilic Fin Coil Coating
  • Rustproof & Anti-Corrosive
  • Fan Design (Whisper Quiet)
  • Reverse Cycle Defrost
  • Internal Flow Switches
  • Built In Drains
  • Slim Line Design
  • Ozone Friendly & Highly Efficient Refrigerant (R410A R407)
  • World Class Sophistication


Swimming pool heat pumps to extend your season

Our new heat pumps raise the bar on efficiency.

Oasis X Series Heat Pumps – Extended Season

Specifically designed to extend the swimming season of your pool and maintain a warm water temperature for up to 8 months a year.

  • Heating and Cooling with Auto Defrost
  • Retrofits to existing filtration system
  • Titanium spiral heat exchanger with lifetime warranty against corrosion
  • Super quiet operation
  • Rustproof & anti-corrosive
  • Three pin plug eliminates the need for an electrician on the X9 & X13 units
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Inverter Series Heat Pumps – All Year Around


Save energy with Inverter technology

  • Super quiet operation
  • Commercial grade
  • Components
  • 5-Inch colour
  • Touch screen

Oasis Inverter Heat Pumps reduce energy use through their variable speed function.

Oasis Inverters works very quietly thanks to a unique ventilation internal structure. The unit is fitted with a silence mode to make sure you meet your councils noise requirements and keep your neighbours happy.

As an added upgrade, each unit can be fitted with a Wi-Fi module providing direct connection to your heat pump (AP Mode) via your smart phone.

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Elite Alloy Series Heat Pumps – Cutting Edge Design

The Oasis Elite Alloy combines the latest heat pump technology with a new cutting-edge design, making it the most aesthetically pleasing heat pump on the market.

  • State of the art sleek design
  • Latest Technology providing superior efficiency
  • Built in a tough, lightweight, rust proof aluminium casing
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Oasis Elite Alloy Heat Pump

Commercial Heat Pumps  

The Commercial Range of heat pumps is the most efficient and effective way to heat a commercial pool no matter what the size. We have seven units ranging from 38kW’s up to 200 kW’s and multiple units are regularly used in larger pools.

The V-shaped designed condenser increases the space for air flow direction and makes defrosting easier.

Units are designed to both heat and cool the pool water and come standard with built-in automatic defrosting to ensure optimum performance at all times.

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Don’t let the weather control your swimming any longer.

Late nights, early mornings and crisp winter afternoons can all be enjoyed with a heat pump bringing the heat. Sunlover Heating offers a complete range of swimming pool heat pumps for all your pool heating needs.

Our newest heat pumps have raised the bar on efficiency, performing up to 85% more efficiently than older style pumps. Technologically advanced with variable, multi-speed designs, these pool pumps are capable of doing the same job as a normal pool pump, but in a way that uses less energy and is whisper quiet. With low operating costs and easy and fast installation, the solution to extending your swimming season is right here. Save energy and enjoy a comfortable pool temperature with a little help from Sunlover Heating.

Easy installation of your swimming pool heat pumps

Here at Sunlover Heating, we proudly offer hassle-free installation of our range of swimming pool heat pumps. Our professional installation service is available by qualified technicians in all major cities, with product satisfaction and reliability guaranteed. Each Sunlover Heating state office team has the expert knowledge of local weather patterns, safety regulations and technical requirements to ensure that your pool heating system delivers top performance wherever you may be. We can also help you to choose a location for your heat pump on your property where it will receive a good flow of air for optimum efficiency. To learn more about our installation service, please contact us today. We’re always ready to help you!

High demand commercial heat pumps

Contact us to find out how we can help on your next commercial project or view our commercial heating page.

Commercial Pool Heating


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