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When to service your solar pool heating in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Long, hot summer days spent splashing in the pool to cool down, or doing laps to increase fitness, whatever it is you and your family love to do in your pool, your solar pool heating is probably far from your mind when it comes to your Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney pool. Solar pool heating servicing is generally one of the things you and your family rarely have to think about when it comes to your swimming pool, however, it is something that should be done annually. So, when it comes to servicing your solar pool heating system in cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, when is the best time to take care of it? Sunlover Heating has the answer.

Spring into summer
It doesn’t matter whether you’ve covered your pool up for the winter, after a year of constantly using your solar pool heating in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, like everything else in life, it’s good to give it a routine service. The last thing you should want to think about when the temperature begins to warm up again is whether or not your pool heating will work to full capacity. This is why at Sunlover Heating, we advise people that they should aim to book in their annual service at the end of winter or beginning of spring, before summer really kicks off. It makes sense to take care of any pool heating maintenance when you currently aren’t using your pool.

Why solar pool heating maintenance is so important

You book your car in for a regular service to ensure that it’s all in working order and you won’t have any issues at an inconvenient time. Solar pool heating for your Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney home works in much the same way. While solar pool heating generally requires little maintenance, you don’t know what issues could have occurred during the down time. If there is a major problem that requires repairs, your system could end up being out of commission for a few days, eating away at the time that you could be enjoying your swimming pool again. By regularly servicing your solar pool heating, you work a long way towards extending the life of your solar pool heating. You also greatly increase the chances that there will be nothing wrong with your solar pool heating when you are ready to dive in.

Take care of your maintenance reminder
You should also be conscious of when you book in your solar pool heating home servicing. If you don’t book in early, a lot of other people in your city may be installing their new solar pool heating or having their servicing done at the same time. If you wait to book yours in, you could be sitting at the very bottom of the waiting list. This is why Sunlover Heating runs our annual swimming pool heating service and maintenance program. We understand that you get busy and don’t have time to think about your solar pool heating maintenance in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, which is why we directly contact customers to discuss the servicing of their pool heating. The Annual Maintenance Program is scheduled yearly between June and August, in order to beat the rush before swimming season. Our Sunlover Heating team can also service your Pool Heat Pump or Pool Gas Heater. No matter what type of pool heating you have at your home, you’ll be able to make a splash in time for summer.

To join the Sunlover Heating Annual Maintenance Program email your details to, or to arrange your annual solar pool heating service in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or across Australia, call Sunlover Heating today.

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