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Solar Heating

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Heating for Pools

Contact our sales team to find out if Rigid Solar Heating or Strip Solar Heating is best for you.

Rigid Solar Heating


Rigid Solar Panels provide optimum heat transfer and are built for Australia's tough conditions

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Strip Solar Heating


Strip Solar Heating delivers the 'swim when you want' lifestyle with cutting edge technology.

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Install a solar pool heater today and take a dip anytime you want.

  • Proven technology
  • Cost effective
  • Extend your swim season
Proven Technology

No matter which type of solar heating product you choose, solar pool heating works the same way.

Solar absorbtion is a proven thermal engineering concept that has been used for centuries. Solar systems are economical and long life because they are simple.

Cold water pumped from your pool through solar absorbers on your hot roof collects heat as it makes the return trip to your pool.

The water temperature is managed by an electronic controller. Today, Sunlover Heating applies state of the art systems design and polymer engineering to its solar absorber products to deliver the lowest cost and most reliable heating you can get for your pool.

Controlling your FREE solar resource

Sunlover Heating solar systems are easy to operate with your choice from a range of electronic controllers featuring easy to follow digital readouts.

You set your desired water temperature and desired operating times and forget it. You can also alter your settings at any time for a quick boost of heat or to reduce the pool temperature during a heat wave.

The sophisticated Sunlover Heating digital controllers are reliable, Australian made and serviced and available with optional wireless remote controls.

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Solar Pool Heating. Get the benefit of natures free solar resource

  • A solar pool heating system will cost less than any other form of pool water heating
  • Extend your swimming season and swim any time of the day with pool heating
  • Features state of the art solar absorbers designed by leading polymer engineers

Sunlover Heating: The Pool Heating Specialist

Swimming Pool Heaters Let You Take a Swim Anytime of the Year

How it works

Cold water is pumped from your pool, through solar absorber on your hot
roof, collects heat then makes the return trip to your pool.

How does solar work

Sunlover Heating Solar Pool heating will Fit in just Swimmingly at your home, enquire today for year round fun in your pool.

Not sure what pool heating system is best for you?
We can help, just call us and we’ll explain which pool heating system will be best.

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Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers over 30 years.


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