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Maintaining Your Solar Pool Heater

If you want to swim in your pool whenever you want all throughout the year, a solar pool heater is a smart and affordable way to keep your pool at a warm and pleasing temperature even during the colder fall and winter months. Since your solar pool heater uses thermal energy from the sun instead of using fuel to heat your pool, it is both cost cost-effective and environmentally-friendly as well. 

Regular maintenance of your solar pool heating system is essential to keep it in optimum condition and make it last for a long time. When performing solar pool heater maintenance, check on the following to make sure that your solar pool heating system is working correctly:

Touch Test

Check your solar pool heater at the start of every swim session. If the water feels cool to the touch, your solar pool heating system is working correctly. If it feels unusually warm, contact the company who installed your solar pool heater and schedule an inspection.

Clean Filter

If you think something is wrong with your solar pool heater, check first if the filter is clean. A dirty pool filter restricts water flow and will reduce the effectiveness of your solar pool heating system. The pressure sensors that control your pool’s heating cycles only work if the filter is clean and the water flow is steady.

Make sure to regularly clean your filter and replace it if necessary to ensure that your solar pool heater continues to work effectively.

Heat Pump Settings

A heat pump is a reliable and efficient device that transfers heat to your pool water. When your heat pump loses its effectiveness in heating your pool, there might be something wrong with your heat pump settings. Call a professional to have it inspected and re-calibrated if necessary.

Temperature Gauge

Your solar pool heater’s temperature gauge determines if your pool water is too cold or too warm. If you keep seeing variations in your pool water’s temperature for a long time, you might have a faulty temperature gauge.

Condition of Solar Panels

Solar panels or strip collectors are usually positioned on the roof of your house. Damage from storms and animals or build-up of dirt and leaves can affect your solar panels from working efficiently.

To ensure that your solar panels are still working well with the rest of your solar pool heating system, get professionals to inspect and clean your solar panels if needed.

Water Flow Valves

Water flow valves control the flow of water throughout your solar pool heating system. These valves ensure that your water flows through solar panels or strip collectors at just the right pace, heating water as quickly as possible in the shortest possible time.

Malfunctioning water flow valves may cause your solar pool heater to heat your pool unevenly.

Full Test and Flush of the System

To avoid blocked pipes and chemical build-up in your solar pool heating system, hire a professional team to conduct a full test and flush of the system at least once a year. 

This maintenance habit will ensure that your solar pool heater continues to operate at its best, so that you can keep on enjoying the benefits of your perfectly-heated pool.