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How to Install a Solar Blanket Pool Cover to Roller in Victoria

A Sunlover Victoria solar pool blanket is a wise investment and a quality product when it comes to pool upkeep because it will help you save time, money, and effort. You may shield your pool from the weather and maintain its cleanliness overnight by using a pool cover. It stops individuals from unintentionally falling into the ground pool in addition to keeping debris out of it. If you’ve made the decision to purchase a pool cover, be sure to also get a pool cover roller to make the process of putting and removing the cover simple.

What is a Solar pool blanket?

A Sunlover Victoria solar pool blanket is a crucial addition to your pool maintenance kit. It lessens the evaporation of the pool water while minimizing the amount of trash and rain that enters your pool. You’ll pay less for water as a result!

The most efficient and cost-effective method of pool heating is solar energy. But just as the sun warms the water in your pool, other elements may bring the temperature down. A Sunlover Victoria solar pool blanket can help with either of these, which could be wind or evaporation. The pool blanket will add a covering on top of the water, preserving the temperature of the pool and/or increasing the pool temperature. Consequently, you may maintain the current temperature and save money by not having to reheat your pool.

Where on the pool should I position my roller?

If you’re installing a solar pool cover for the first time, you’re probably also assembling a pool roller. Where do you put it in then? Since some places will require you to leave the cover in place for a little bit longer than others, it is ideal if you make this choice prior to installing the cover.

If you’ve already trimmed the cover to size, don’t worry. It’s not a major issue.

In order for the blanket to roll smoothly onto and off of the tube without dragging across the coping if your pool is rectangular, the reel is typically placed at one end of the pool, just barely straddling the pool. Typically, people place it at the very end, which is the farthest place from where they will go.


1. For a rectangular-shaped pool:

In order to prevent the cover from dragging over the pool coping when it is rolled up, the pool roller or reel should be placed at the end of the pool, dangling just a little bit over the edge.
As a result, your Sunlover Victoria solar pool cover will last longer and see less wear and tear. (Once it has been rolled up, don’t forget to cover it with the overcover.

2. For an Oval pool:

The reel should be positioned over the pool at its widest point if it has an irregular form, such as an oval, kidney, or another. The solar blanket rolls faster and is also simpler to manage when done this way because it rolls in both directions.

The solar blanket should be left a bit longer in length while using this position; if the extra length is not needed after attaching, you can cut it down at that time.

3. Pool Steps:

If your pool has a step, you can treat it as a distinct piece and roll it onto the roller by folding it into the main cover before rolling. The step piece has just been flipped up onto the body of the cover, leaving it as a tidy rectangle to roll up, as can be seen in the image above.

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