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How to Buy and Fit a Pool Cover and Roller

Taking a dip in your swimming pool is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat. If you want to keep on enjoying refreshing swims, make sure that you properly maintain your swimming pool. As a swimming pool owner, you should always keep your swimming pool and the surrounding area clean, install and maintain your swimming pool equipment. Aside from having your pool heater, pool pump and filter, and other pieces of pool maintenance equipment, you should also have a pool cover. 

When it comes to maintaining your pool, a pool cover is a smart investment that will save time, money and effort in your pool maintenance routine. A pool cover allows you to protect your pool from natural elements and keep it clean and tidy overnight. Aside from keeping off debris from the swimming pool, it also prevents people from accidentally falling into it. If you have decided to get a pool cover, make sure to buy a pool cover roller too so that installing and removing your pool cover is hassle-free. 

Here’s what you need to know when you buy and fit a pool cover and roller for your swimming pool. 

What is a pool cover? 

A pool cover is a kind of material that acts as a blanket and covers a swimming pool. It provides various functions, such as acting as a safety device to prevent people from accidentally falling into it and reduces heat loss and evaporation so that your swimming pool stays warm. It also keeps your swimming pool free from debris and dirt and lessens your need for pool chemicals. 

A pool cover can also protect your pool from harsh weather conditions so that your swimming pool lasts for a long time. Buying a pool cover will help you save on costs for the long-term as well, making it a worthwhile investment. 

What are the types of pool cover?

Before buying a pool cover, you should be aware of the many types of pool cover available. Each may come with its set of distinct features, but all will provide a layer of protection for your swimming pool. Make sure to choose one that suits your swimming pool’s requirements and your budget too. 

  • Safety pool covers 

These are designed to completely cover a swimming pool and provide protection against accidental drownings. They have straps secured as springs which anchor the pool deck. 

  • Manual pool covers 

These are pool covers that need to be placed on the pool manually. Someone will have to roll up or roll out the pool cover by hand.

  • Automatic pool covers

With automatic pool covers, you can open and close your pool cover with the turn of a switch. Although this kind of pool cover may be more expensive, they are easy to use and convenient.  

  • Solar pool covers 

Solar pool covers are affordable since they mainly use sunlight which will help you save on energy costs. They utilise sunlight to heat your swimming pool during the day and prevent heat from escaping at night. 

  • Thermal Pool Covers 

These are pool covers that are made with insulating material to keep heat in the water. Bear in mind that thermal pool covers do not heat water but retain heat in the water instead. 

How to measure for your pool cover

Step 1 – Measure the widest and longest edges of your swimming pool

Measure the length and width of your swimming pool. If you have an irregularly shaped pool, try to measure it as if it was rectangular-shaped. If your swimming pool has steps, you should measure the step area separately.

Step 2 – Add an allowance to your measurements

Add an allowance of 15cm to both the length and width measurements of your swimming pool to get the minimum size of the cover pool that you should get. 

Step 3 – Order the right size for your pool cover 

Once you have an idea on the pool cover size that you need, you can order it online or purchase one from a pool supplies store. Alternatively, you can also contact a pool cover installation company to assist you. 

For example, if your swimming pool’s measurements were 10 x 5 metres, you need a pool cover that comes with the minimum dimensions of 10.15 x 5.15 metres.

How to install your pool cover

Step 1 – Spread out your pool cover 

Roll out your new pool cover over the pool and make sure that it covers the entire swimming pool. Make sure to lay the cover bubble side down on the water. 

Step 2 – Cut the pool cover in

You should have someone helping you when you cut the pool cover to the right size. With sharp scissors, you should cut the pool cover using your swimming pool as your template. Make sure to leave a lot of allowances when initially cutting your pool cover. It is better to trim it little by little until you get the perfect size for your swimming pool. An allowance will also let your pool cover curl up a bit so that it can block more debris from entering the swimming pool. 

Step 3 – Trim your pool cover to the right size

Using a broom, smooth your pool cover your swimming pool until it reaches the edge of the pool. You can trim your pool cover a bit more to cup the cuts straight and even. 

Why do you need a pool cover roller?

If you invest in a pool cover, you should also include a pool cover roller as part of your investment so that you can maximise the features of your pool cover. 

A pool cover roller is a device that will make your life a whole lot easier because you will not have to manually roll up and unroll your pool cover all the time. Lifting, folding and storing a pool cover by hand is physically tiring. Since it takes too much effort, you might end up becoming too discouraged to even put on your pool cover at all even though you need it for safety purposes at the minimum. 

If rolling a pool cover manually takes around ten minutes or more, a pool cover roller will allow you to do this within just a minute. Using a roller will help you extend your pool cover’s lifespan, especially since your pool cover is more prone to wear and tear when handled by hand. 


A pool cover and pool cover roller are just some tools that you need to invest in so that you can maintain your swimming pool adequately. Rather than worrying about the cost, think of them as investments that will help keep your swimming pool in optimum condition for a long time. A pool cover and roller work hand in hand and will help you save on pool maintenance costs. 

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