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How do you Heat a Pool in Australia? 

Whether you are still in the process of planning the installation of your new pool or you already have had one installed, you should consider your heating solutions. There are a number of different options that you can choose from, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Why heat your pool?  

You’re living in Queensland but is your pool still too cold to swim in during winter? During the middle of summer, your pool in Melbourne is only reaching 16 or 22 degrees which is still a little too cold to swim in? 

Heating your pool all year round gives you the opportunity to swim whenever you want. This means you could extend your swimming season from 3 months to all year round! 

Remember, one of the main reasons you installed a pool in your backyard was to be able to relax in it. When your pool is freezing cold it makes it hard to relax.  

Here is a list of the three main ways to heat your pool all year round in Australia:  

1. Solar Pool Heating 

Solar Pool heating has quickly become the most popular method of pool heating in Australia. Not only is it the most cost-effective option but it utilises nature’s free natural resources to be able to heat your pool. So, it is safe for the environment whilst helping save you money on your electricity bills.  

Solar pool heating Brisbane works via a solar pump, which runs off 1kW per hour. The water is run through a network of tubes to ensure a constant temperature throughout the pool. Solar pool heating works best in places that are exposed to a lot of sunshine, like sunny Queensland.  

2. Heat Pump

Heat pumps are also a popular choice by Australian pool owners. Heat pumps reuse energy from the air, offering a relatively cost-effective solution to heating your pool. They work by collecting air from the air and then transferring it into your pool via a heat exchanger.  

Depending on which part of Australia you live in, heat pumps can be more effective than solar pool heating. This is due to its ability to collect heat from the air even on a cloudy day or at night when the sun is not out. Heat pumps tend to also warm your pool faster than some other pool heating solutions. Therefore, if you are located in Melbourne a heat pump may be better for you! 

Heat pumps, however, also require a greater amount of electricity to run compared to other options. Therefore, your heat pump will cost more to run and is significantly less cost-effective. Your heat pump may also not be able to increase your pool temperature as much as other heating solutions.  

3. Gas Pool Heater 

Whilst gas pool heating Queensland is the most expensive heating solution for your pool, it has a few advantages that the other solutions do not. The greatest advantage of gas pool heaters is that they can warm your pool to any temperature you desire at any time of the year. 

Gas heaters are quite a popular choice for spa owners that use them for muscle recovery. For this reason, ensuring your spa is at an ideal temperature for recovery is important.  

Another major advantage of gas pool heating is its ability to quickly warm the pool or spa. Depending on the size of your gas heater and your spa, you could have a warm spa in an hour. Therefore, it is ideal if you have friends over on short notice and want your pool warmed.  

A major disadvantage of gas heating is that it does not use clean energy, making it bad for the environment. It is also costly to run compared to the other heating options.  

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