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Why Pool Solar Heating? Here are 5 Good Reasons to Consider Solar Pool Heating 

You’ve made a big investment by buying and installing a pool but you’re only able to get a few months out of the year to swim? Pool heating allows you to swim all year round, even during cool nights and cold winter months.  

  1. Cost Effective  

The initial system and installation costs of a solar pool heating system typically pay for themselves within the first 1 to 5 years. Even if you do not have a large roof space, solar pool heating collectors can be installed with a few different angles without sacrificing too much heat efficiency. 

Solar pool heating systems are the most cost-effective way to heat your pool! Even the most “efficient” heat pump, only produce 5kWh of heat for every 1kWh you put in. Whilst the most efficient solar pool heating produces 150 kWh pf heat for every 1kWh you put in. Although, typically most solar heating systems only generate 50-100kWh. 

  1. Reliable & Low Maintenance 

Solar pool heating systems are a favoured heating solution for a reason because they are reliable and work! For over 50 years they have been providing Australian homes heating solutions to keep their pools warm. Over this time, they have only been improving with newer designs and refinements in UV stabilisers and materials. They only have one moving part which is a pool pump which can easily be replaced by the owner. Which means, your solar heating system is as reliable as they come!  

Once the solar pool system has been correctly set up with proper maintenance of pool water pH by the owner there is no reason the pool heating system won’t last long past it’s warranty period.  

  1. Can Be Set Up Anywhere 

A solar pool heater does not require backyard space! Simply install the solar panels on your roof and you have a fully functioning heating system that is out of sight.  

  1. Environmentally Friendly  

Solar energy is a renewable source of never-ending power. Whilst the sun is powering your solar heating system you are not burning fossil fuels and you are using very little electricity. When it comes to being environmentally friendly, solar pool heating systems are the best. They require the lowest energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.  

  1. Combine with a Pool Blanket  

Although your solar pool heating system is already good, combining it with a solar blanket makes it even better. Why? Because it keeps the heat in overnight and ensures your pool can maintain its temperature.  

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