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Gas Pool Heater

Quick and Efficient Gas Pool Heaters

Warm Up Your Pool in No Time with a Gas Heaters. Heating your pool faster with less energy.

If you only need to heat your pool occasionally, then a Pentair MasterTemp Gas Pool Heater heat pump can save you money.

Key Features

Highly efficient

High efficiency rating makes these gas pool heaters extremely economical to operate. If your gas pool heaters is more than 5 years old, chances are a MasterTemp could quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings.

Fast Heat Up

The MasterTemp gas pool heater heat your pool to your desired temperature in a few hours. Making it the gas pool heat pump ideal for social drop ins, school holidays and weekends.

Rotatable Lid

The rotatable lid of this heat pump makes it easy to install or retrofit in even the tightest space.


A tough, rustproof composite exterior of this gas pool heat pump handles the heat and weathers the elements.

Lowest Flow Rates

With a low flow rate, the MasterTemp gas heaters allows the installation of a variable speed pump allowing the Solar Heating and Gas Heater to work in perfect sync.

Low Nox Emmissions

Eco-friendly, MasterTemp is certified for low NOx emissions and outperforms industry standards.


MasterTemp heat pump is engineered for super-quiet operation and won’t intrude on your pool or spa leisure time.

Rotating Display

The easy-to-view, rotating digital display places controls front and center, no matter how MasterTemp heat pump is positioned on your equipment pad.

Small Footprint

MasterTemp heat pump  have one of the smallest Small Footprint on the market making it easy to fit into any equipment room.

Gas heaters sizing calculator

swimming Pool

Sizing and Cost

Heater size needed Mj/Hr (24 hr heatup time):


Total Mj need for heatup (24 Hrs):


Approx gas cost for heatup (1.75c/Mj):


Time to Heat Up Pool


MasterTemp 200


MasterTemp 300


MasterTemp 400



Sizing and Cost

Heater size needed Mj/Hr (1 hr heatup time):


Total Mj need for heatup (1 Hr):


Approx gas cost for heatup (1.75c/Mj):


Time to Heat Up Pool


MasterTemp 200


MasterTemp 300


MasterTemp 400


Gas Heaters Heat up Times

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Gas Heaters Gallery

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