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Helpful DIY Tips For Solar Pool Heating Installation

Congratulations on purchasing Sunlover Heating solar pool heating for your Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne home. Solar pool heating is the ideal solution for extending your swimming season by utilising FREE energy from the sun, and not only is it cost effective, it’s easy to install too. The experts here at Sunlover Heating will have given you detailed manuals, however, here are some more tips to help you install DIY solar pool heating kit yourself.

Think safety first
As you will be working on your roof, please ensure that you take all safety precautions. Don’t work alone when installing solar pool heating on your Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne roof if you can help it. Have someone close by in case something goes wrong, and it’s even better if you can organise a safety harness. Ensure that you have all the safety gear including sturdy shoes or boots, safety glasses and a hard hat. You should also make sure your roof is as clean as possible. If you don’t have proper safety equipment, it’s a good idea to hire a professional.

Size it up
When installing your rigid or strip solar pool heating in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, it’s important that you size up your system properly. The size of your solar pool heating system to be installed is related directly to the surface area of your swimming pool. As a general rule, you want your panels to be equal to about 80-100% of your pool surface area. You can help lower the cost by square metre simply by using larger panels.

Face the facts
You can’t just put your panels anywhere. To install your rigid or strip solar pool heating properly in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you need to face your panels in the most efficient way. This means they should be facing flat, North, West, or East. If you can, never face your panels South, however, if your panels are subjected to a southern direction, severe shade, or a windy area, our Sunlover technical support team are able to offer more specific advice.

Lay it down
When laying out your rigid panels, ensure that you do not use more than 12 panels in any row. You should aim to have the shortest possible return line in order to reduce heat losses. For larger systems, split your panels into several rows. For rigid solar pool heating in warmer climates like Brisbane and Sydney, the panels and plumbing may be installed level, however, anywhere with a subzero temperature must have a 45mm per metre slope towards the feed. All return lines from multiple panel rows must meet at the highest point of the system.

Test it out
After you have followed all other instructions for your rigid or strip solar pool heating in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, simply consult your manual for the complete start up procedure. This typically involves checking all fittings, hose couplings and panels for leaks. Set the time clock so that it is able to operate when the sun is up (usually between 9am to 5pm). You can run your hands along each panel to ensure that water is flowing properly, and back through it on the start up. Check for air bubbles from the pool returns, it is normal for it to do this.

These tips should help to make installation easy. If you have any other questions or concerns about installing your rigid or strip solar pool heating in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, our Sunlover Heating technicians are always here to help.

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