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Why You Should Consider Using a Solar Blanket for your Pool

A regular pool cover is a common pool accessory that helps you keep out debris from your pool while helping reduce maintenance costs as well. In the same effect, a solar pool blanket accomplishes the very same purpose of keeping debris out from your pool, but with added benefits. 

A primary benefit of using a solar blanket for your swimming pool is that it helps retain the heat in your swimming pool. Solar blankets capture energy from the sun and convert it into usable heat to keep your pool water warm. Aside from heating your pool, they also help reduce evaporation. Most importantly, a solar pool blanket is a cost-effective way for you to maximise the use of your swimming pool.  

If you are still on the fence about purchasing a solar blanket, here are the reasons why you 

Should consider using a solar pool blanket for your swimming pool.

Adds heat to your pool and saves you energy

If you are using a pool heater, a solar blanket is a must-have item to pair with it. By pairing a solar cover with your pool heater, you can save on heating costs. With a pool cover installation, there will be lesser heat loss while you are heating your pool making it more efficient and cheaper. If you don’t have a pool heater installed, a solar blanket can help retain heat without additional costs. Depending on the location of your pool, and how much sunlight the pool gets during the day, a solar pool blanket may heat your pool to a considerably warmer degree. 

Reduces heat loss and minimises evaporation

A solar blanket not only retains heat but also helps heat the water and prevents heat loss. Solar blankets can prevent evaporation by as high as 95%. Aside from preventing loss of heat, solar blankets also will allow you to retain pool water. A pool can lose an average of 2 inches of pool water per week. While 2 inches may not sound much at first but accumulated throughout the year means an average of 10,000 to 20,000 gallons of water lost in a year. 

With a solar pool blanket installed, you can minimise this evaporation and retain some of the water you would have to replace without a cover. Imagine the tons of resources you can save when you use a solar pool blanket.

Reduces additional chemical costs

With a solar pool blanket installed, it will help reduce the loss of chemicals thru evaporation or dilution. This way you can save up money and time you would have spent on additional chemicals such as chlorine that you would need to maintain the pH balance of your pool. 

Keeps out debris and prevents algae from accumulating

Like any other pool cover, a solar pool blanket will keep out debris from the pool water. While the debris will be retained on the cover itself, it is still considerably easier to clean off dust and debris from the blanket, than from the pool water directly. With a solar pool blanket installed, you can catch all the dust, debris, and leaves instead of fishing them out. Solar pool blankets can also prevent algae from accumulating further. By keeping out those algae spores from spreading, you are keeping your pool water clean and eventually cutting back on additional maintenance costs. 

Lets you use your pool for an extended swim season

Of course with a warmer pool, means you can extend your swim season until the colder parts of the year. With a solar pool blanket installed, you can keep your water warm and comfortable for you and your family. Take note, however, that when it’s time to take out the pool cover and put it in the storage for the winter season, ensure that it is completely dry so it won’t accumulate any unwanted molds. 

Lightweight, efficient and cheap

Solar pool blankets are easy to install. All you have to do is cut out the shape of your pool on the blanket itself and cover it on top of the pool water. While it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as you would want, if you want an efficient and cheap way of retaining heat in your pool then that is the trade-off. If you think cutting the exact shape of the pool is difficult, solar pool blankets are flexible enough that you can use a rectangular-shaped cover on top of your kidney-shaped pool. You can float a rectangular-shaped solar pool blanket over your pool, and still get coverage and reap benefits. 

Solar pool blankets are also inexpensive and usually have a shelf-life of around 3 years, after which you would probably want to replace them. 

Saves you money

Like all the reasons stated above, the bottom line is that having a solar pool blanket installed will save you money in the long run. Without a solar blanket installed, you will end up spending money, time, and resources on electricity, water, chemicals, maintenance, and others. With a solar blanket installed, you will be surprised at how much you cut back on your utility bills. 


If all the reasons above still leave you unsure about purchasing a solar blanket, then remember. If solar pool blankets didn’t work, then they wouldn’t be as widely used as they are today. Solar pool blankets can be used in different climates, whether in dry or in windy, humid areas. Not only are solar pool blankets one of the cheapest and highly-effective heating systems, but they are also so simple that anyone can install them. Invest in a solar pool blanket this season for your backyard pool. 

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