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Do I Really Need a Pool Blanket?

How Much Difference Does A Blanket Make to My Pool Temperature?

This is a question we are often asked by clients exploring using a blanket to extend their swimming season. Perhaps you would like to know if it is worth buying a pool blanket.  The answer is definately yes!  Whether you live in Cronulla or Penrith, you will notice a huge difference in heat retention, chemical loss, water evaporation and reduction of dirt and debris.

It has been shown that a pool blanket used to cover a pool throughout the summer and shoulder seasons will
extend your swimming season by around 2 ½ months.   When you consider how much you have invested in your pool, it seems a smart investment to purchase a blanket and blanket roller for when the pool isn’t being used. 

Be aware, not all pool blankets are the same.  Our team often come across pool blankets supplied by ‘cheaper’ companies that don’t last the distance.  All Sunlover pool blankets come with a warranty of between 3 to 10 years (depending on the model you select) and incorporate 11,500 ‘bubbles’ per square metre ensuring you minimise heat loss. 

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