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Warming Your Swims with the Sun and Sunlover Heating Victoria

With the colder weather now having made its home around us, our opportunities to continue to enjoy our swimming pools have become limited. Luckily with Sunlover Heating Victoria’s pool heating solutions, forgoing your time in the pool doesn’t have to be the only option. Finding a range of solutions to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature throughout the colder months relies on a few factors and choosing the most efficient and environmentally friendly option would lead us to Solar Pool Heating.  

So, what is Solar Pool Heating and how does it work? 

Making use of nature’s free solar energy resource, Solar Pool Heating Melbourne are a proven game changer in the pool heating industry. The Sunlover Heating Victoria systems typically consist of three main components: solar collectors, a filter, and a pump.  

The solar collectors, which are often installed on the roof of a building or on the ground nearby, are responsible for capturing the solar energy. Designed with proven technology, these solar collectors are made up of panels or tubes that transfer heat into the pool water. Cold water is pumped from your swimming pool through solar energy absorbers to your hot roof, collects heat, and returns to the pool heated.  

The temperature of the pool and solar heating system are easily controlled by a range of electronic controllers offered by Sunlover Heating Victoria. Pool owners in Melbourne can set your desired pool water temperature and desired operating times and then let the system do the hard work.  

Solar Pool Heating Melbourne Options 

Strip Solar Heating delivers the ‘swim when you want’ lifestyle with cutting edge technology. The Sunlover Heating strip solar heating options offer unique features including 10 tube efficiency, the Sunlover manifold and premium absorbers. Strip Solar has a faster heat up time then other solar heating solutions. Its interconnected flow tubes help to prevent heat loss, making it a very efficient heating solution.  

Rigid Solar Heating panels provide optimum heat transfer and are built for Australia’s tough conditions. The Sunlover Heating rigid solar heating options are built to be indestructible, highly efficient, and not like typical rigid solar – that allow heat to escape between the tubes, cooling the flowing water down. Being the most durable against animals and the elements, rigid solar heating options offer the highest BTU rating in the market. This means that through state-of-the-art design and engineering Sunlover Heating’s rigid solar heating options offer the most reliable heating solution.  

Choosing between these options could depend on your pool size, climate, and pool heating needs. If you are interested in finding out more about these options, be sure to contact your local pool heating experts at Sunlover Heating Victoria.  

Finally, Solar Pool Heating Melbourne offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for maintaining the perfect temperature in your pool. By harnessing the power of the sun, Sunlover Heating in Melbourne and these systems can provide efficient heating while reducing environmental impact. 

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