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Strip Solar vs Rigid Solar Heating Panels

Solar Pool Heating is a great solution for heating your pool, particularly in Queensland where the sun shines for the better part of the year. It is also an excellent environmentally friendly pool heating alternative, as it collects heat from the sun unlike other heating solutions that use electricity and gas. Solar Pool Heating is also the most cost efficient heating solution, meaning you get to enjoy your swimming pool all year round for a fraction of the cost. Solar Pool Heating also works extremely well in Queensland winters, as 95% of the days are still quite sunny. 

Solar Pool Heating works by pumping cold water from your pool through the solar absorber on the roof, allowing it to collect heat before returning it back to the pool. Solar absorption is a proven solar thermal engineering concept that has been used for centuries. Solar powered systems are economical and long lasting because they are simple.

Sunlover Queensland has two different solar heating options, Strip Solar and Rigid Solar Pool Heating. 

Strip Solar Pool Heating

Strip Solar Heating in Brisbane delivers a ‘swim when you want’ lifestyle to customers. The cutting edge technology allows you to enjoy an extended swim season and free heat from the sun. Strip Solar has a faster heat up time then other solar heating solutions. Its interconnected flow tubes help to prevent heat loss, making it a very efficient heating solution. 

Rigid Solar Pool Heating

Rigid Solar Pool heating offers a state of the art design and engineering that delivers efficient and reliable heat. It is the most durable solar panel on the market as it is weather and animal resistant, this is important in Queensland due to the large storms the state is prone to. Our rigid solar panels are unlike others, most allow heat to escape between the tubes, cooling the water down. Sunlover Queensland rigid solar panels are interconnected, preventing heat loss. 

If you are unsure what solar heating solution would best suit your needs in Brisbane, contact the Sunlover Queensland team today. We asked the team the most frequently asked questions they get about solar pool heating in Queensland, check out their answers below. 

Solar Pool Heating Frequently Asked Questions 

How hot can I expect my pool to get?

With a Brisbane Sunlover Solar Pool Heater, you can expect an increase of warmth upwards of 10 degrees. 

Can solar pool heating be fitted to an existing pool?

Yes, Solar Pool Heating can be added to any pool in Queensland, regardless of it being new or old. 

Can my solar heating system be automated?

Yes, Sunlover Queensland has a great range of solar controllers so you are able to automatically turn your heating on or off at certain times and heat your pool to a desired temperature. 

Should I add a pool blanket?

Utilising a pool cover in conjunction with solar pool heating is extremely beneficial. The cover will help to trap heat, meaning your pool heating system wont have to work as hard to keep your pool at the desired temperature, especially in Brisbane winters, when it can get quite cold overnight. They are also great at preventing water evaporation and chemical loss, as well as keeping dirt and debris out of the pool. Sunlover Queensland have a great range of pool covers to suit pools of every size and shape. 

Contact Sunlover Queensland 

If you are interested in getting this cost and environmentally friendly heating solutions installed to your pool in Queensland, contact the skilled team at Sunlover Queensland. 

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