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Storm Damage to your Solar Pool Heating?

Has the winter weather taken a tole on your solar pool heating?
Over the past few months wind, rain and hail may have damaged your solar pool heating.
Sunlover Heating are available to carry out assessments and complete necessary repairs or quote to replace any damaged systems.
Insurance claim – no problems. We can assist you and your insurance company with any required documentation, photos and reports.
Need to replace your existing solar pool heating system – Consider upgrading to the Sunlover Heating Storm Resistant Solar Rigid Panel System.
The rigid panel system can withstand the strength of a 241km/h cyclone, are freeze and hail resistant and the most durable solar panel available.
Sunlover Rigid Panels come with a lifetime product warranty.
This is the best warranty and is backed by over 35 years of supply to the industry

So what ever your current situation, contact your local Sunlover Heating office to further discuss any storm damage to your solar pool heating.Storm Damage to pool heating