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Storm damage to Sydney solar pool heating 

Homeowners are continuing to clean up following the ‘super-storm’ that tore through Sydney over the weekend. Severe thunderstorms brought hailstones the size of tennis balls, causing major damage to cars, roofs, backyards, swimming pools and more.

If your solar pool heating is wind or hail damaged as a result of this wild Sydney weather, don’t worry! Sunlover Heating has all the help and information you need to get your solar pool heating back in action.

Storm damage insurance assessment and reports 

Do you need to make an insurance claim for your wind or hail damaged solar pool heating system? Sunlover Heating is available to carry out all insurance assessment and reports, including providing any required documentation, photos and reports.

Solar pool heating repairs and replacement 

Sunlover Heating can undertake repairs to your solar pool heating system, pool covers and rollers. Our timely service will ensure your pool is in top condition again in no time. We can also provide quotes to replace solar pool heating systems that have suffered heavy storm damage and cannot be repaired.

Protection against future storm damage

Storm resistant solar pool heating is the best way to prevent future storm damage. Our Rigid Panels are the most durable solar panel available, with the ability to withstand the strength of a 241 km/h cyclone. Freeze and hail resistant with a lifetime product warranty, our storm resistant solar pool heating ensures one less thing to worry about when the next storm rolls around.

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For a fast and reliable quote on repairing or replacing your hail damaged solar pool heating Sydney, contact our Sydney Sunlover Heating office today. We’re always ready to help!

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