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Sizing Up Your Solar Pool Cover to Suit the Weather in Victoria 

Many pool owners  opt for Solar Pool Covers in Victoria as an option to heat their pools in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative. So, can you cut a solar pool cover? The answer is yes! These days, with ever-changing trends, pools and Solar Pool Covers in Victoria come in many different shapes and sizes. In this blog, we will go through helpful tips to remember when it’s time to cut your solar pool cover to size. 

Not many people know that they are able to cut their Solar Pool Covers themselves. Individuals may find it daunting to cut their solar pool cover, in fear of making a costly mistake. By following these helpful tips, it may alleviate the stress. 


When getting started, preparation is key! Firstly, unroll your Solar Pool Cover and let it flatten out, so it removes any creases or fold lines. Doing this ensures that you have a true representation of what your Solar Pool Cover will be like. It is a good idea for individuals to lay out their Solar Pool Cover over their pool, make sure that it is evenly aligned and centred, and from there, you are able to make an outline or markings of where to cut. Using masking tape as the marking guide is helpful, as it is easily removed once you have finished cutting your Solar Pool Cover. 

Be Patient 

 Try not to speed and rush through the process. Individuals understandably tend to want to get the Solar Pool Cover on their pools as soon as they can. However, when rushing, you are more prone to making unnecessary errors that could have been easily prevented. You do not want to make a costly mistake and go through the whole procedure again. 

Better to be safe than sorry  

When it’s time to cut, it’s best to cut larger. All you need to start are sharp general household scissors. Ensure that your Solar Pool Cover is flat so that you don’t accidentally cut any bits that have folded under. Many individuals tend to cut their Solar Pool Cover slightly larger initially. Doing this allows you to check for any errors and evaluate if you want to keep it at the current size or continue cutting. As a general guide, it is a good idea to cut up to 5cm over the edge of your pool to help prevent everyday debris from getting into the pool. Lastly, lay it out over your pool for a couple of days before making your final cut. 

Once you have cut your Solar Pool Cover by remembering and following the steps and tips in this blog, you will not have to worry about excess debris entering your pool and, moreover, be able to enjoy the Victorian summer with your friends and family and let the benefits of what a Solar Pool Cover brings, such as being a cost-effective alternative and an environmentally-friendly option, do all the work. If you would like to seek out professional assistance, you are always welcome to call us at Sunlover Heating Victoria on (03) 9887 2131   

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