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Dealing with roof obstructions when installing solar pool heating absorbers

Plenty of families are taking advantage of solar pool heating at their Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane home. Solar pool heating is a great way to extend the swimming season at your home, however, there is a common problem that many households face when they wish to install solar pool heating in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne. Solar pool heating absorbers need to be installed on the roof of your property, and as many roofs have obstructions such as vents, air conditioners, skylights, and antennas, it can be difficult to adequately fit the solar absorbers around them. So, what’s the trick to fitting solar pool heating absorbers on your roof? Here are our top tips for the best ways to fit the solar pool heating absorbers on your roof.Strip2

Ensuring you have enough coverage
Solar pool heating in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne works by pumping the cold water from your swimming pool through the solar absorbers on your roof. As the water flows through, it is heated as it returns back to your swimming pool. Placing your solar pool heating absorbers in a way that will get the most sun is vital for ensuring your solar pool heating in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane is a success. You should aim to have solar absorbers that are at least equal to 80% of the are of your pool, though typically most people aim for 100%. You also need to consider the distance that the water needs to flow through the pipes in order to return back to the pool. This means that you should get a bit creative with how you fit the solar absorbers on your roof.

Roof obstructions - Solar Pool HeatingSo, let’s get creative!
You can do this a few ways. Firstly, use solar absorbers of different lengths so that they fit around the items on the roof while still giving you maximum coverage. You can also stagger panel heights around the roof, and use extender plumbing to get around your obstructions. Your installer will be able to go over the options for this to find the exact solution that is best suited to your needs.

Look further afar
When you aren’t able to install enough of your solar absorbers on your home roof, it’s time to look for alternatives. While it’s most common for solar absorbers to be mounted on home rooftops, other options are possible. If you need other roof spaces you can use your garage or carport, or other stable structures such as sheds, as long as they are facing the most direct sunlight. When you need more space for your solar absorbers, they can also be used on ground raflatt matt returnscks. These can placed on the ground and are a viable alternative if your roof doesn’t have enough space due to obstructions or too much shade.

You do have a few options when it comes to ensuring that you have enough coverage for your solar pool absorbers, however, the exact placement of the solar panels and plumbing can be sorted out by your solar pool heating provider in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne. To ensure that you have the most successful installation possible, give our team here at Sunlover Heating a call on 1800 815 913.

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