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Reasons to replace your old pool heater

How old is your pool heating? If your swimming pool heat pump or gas heater is more than five years old, it is likely that a new system would quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings. Many pool owners are unaware of just how many technological advancements have been made to swimming pool heating, and the benefits they provide.

Here are the four top reasons to replace your old pool heater with our new swimming pool heat pumps in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Rexaling by heated swimming pool

1. Energy efficiency 

The newer pool heat pumps available on the market have raised the bar on efficiency when compared to older units. New pool heaters are now up to 85 percent more efficient. Meaning your old spa or pool heater could be up to 400% to 500% more expensive to run, perhaps having already wasted many hundreds or thousands of dollars through inefficient energy consumption. Depending on the age of your existing pool heating system, you might see a direct return on your investment in a new pool heater through lowered gas or electricity bills.

2. Lower NOx emissions

Older swimming pool heating equipment didn’t take into consideration the effect it would have on the world around it. The good news is, new gas pool heaters not only provide improvements in efficiency and reliability, but they’re also better for the environment. Thanks to their better energy consumption, they produce low NOx emissions. Of course, the most environmentally friendly choice for your pool is solar pool heating in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

3. Access to replacement parts

It’s almost impossible to find the parts needed to repair some older models of swimming pool heat pumps. Unfortunately once the problem is identified and you discover that the part you need is no longer available, the heating has usually been out of operation for some time. To avoid an extended period stuck with a cold pool, replace your ageing pool heater before it dies.

4. Quieter operating noise 

Unlike the older pool heaters many will remember from decades past, newer pool heat pumps are engineered for super-quiet operation and won’t intrude on your poolside leisure time. These days, they will usually produce a noise level so low that even at around 1-metre distance, they are no louder than a regular pool pump.

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