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How to maintain your pool when you have solar pool heating

When you want to extend the time you and your family spend in your pool, installing solar pool heating at your Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne is a really great option. But, the more time you spend in your pool the more important it is that you take care of all your pool maintenance. Here are our top tips for ensuring your pool is perfect for your extended swimming time.

Dive into a clean pool
With your solar pool heating in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, helping to ensure you can use your pool more often throughout the year, it is really important that you do your best to ensure your pool is kept crystal clear. To do this, spend a bit of time scooping out any insects or leaves that have made their way into your pool. After you have done this, use a pool brush to clean the bottom of your pool from dirt and algae. You may need to give it a brush every once every few weeks, and then when you do, your pool vacuum cleaner can do the rest.

Ensure the water quality

Not only do you want your pool to look inviting, you want to ensure that the health of your pool is also a top priority. When you start to use your pool regularly because you have solar pool heating at your Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne home, you need to ensure that the chemicals required for your pool are checked regularly, at least once or twice a week. The chemicals that need checking in your swimming pool include the chlorine levels, pH levels, cyanuric acid, and water hardness. As you go to check your chemicals, make sure you backwash the filter, and then afterwards you can use any method you chose to check your chemicals. You can find basic kits from your pool supply or hardware store that check chlorine and pH levels, all you have to do is follow the instructions that are included in the packages.

Keep your chlorine in check
The solar pool heating you’ve installed at your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane makes swimming a whole lot more enjoyable, but it doesn’t when your family get the dreaded ‘red and itchy eyes’ because the chlorine is out of whack. Chlorine helps to ensure that your water is as clean and healthy as possible. Staying on top of your chlorine also keeps your pool in top condition so you don’t run into problems later on from bacteria, algae, or other contaminates. With your swimming pool, you only need about 2 to 3 parts-per-million (or ppm) of chlorine, and the fact your pool is heated it shouldn’t cause any problems with your chlorine. As well as chlorinating your pool, your pH levels are something that you need to keep an eye on. Your pool should sit at a pH level of 7.0, if it is below or above that level it can become alkaline or too acidic, and jot enjoyable at all to swim in.

And there you have it. These few tips will make using your swimming pool throughout the year fun for the whole family (without the dead bugs and itchy eyes). If you don’t have solar pool heating installed at your Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne property yet, have a chat with our team hear at Sunlover Heating on 1800 815 913.

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