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How To Use A Solar Pool Cover

Solar Pool Covers Sydney are a great investment for your pool and pocket! They help to keep your pool clean by preventing dirt and debris from entering your pool, meaning you get to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. They are also great in preventing evaporation, this means you will spend less money on water to fill your pool and reduce pool maintenance costs for chemicals. Solar pool covers are also a great environmentally friendly heating solution. They are also useful tools to use in conjunction with other pool heating solutions such as solar pool heating and pool heat pumps, as they trap the heat in the water.  We asked the team at Sunlover New South Wales their tips and tricks on how to use a pool blanket correctly to get all of the benefits.

When should you use your pool cover?

To get the most benefits from your solar pool cover it should be put on your pool whenever it is not in use. Having your solar pool cover on during the day is the most beneficial time to gain heat from the sun. It is also useful to have your pool cover on during the night, as it helps to prevent evaporation and reduce heat loss. If you are looking for an easier way to put on and take off your pool blanket, a blanket roller can be helpful. Sunlover Heating New South Wales have a wide range of premium pool blanket rollers to suit pool covers of any shape or size. 

Do the bubbles on solar pool covers go up or down?

A frequently asked question we get from people who have purchased pool covers is whether the bubbles face up or down. The answer is that the bubbles should face downwards for the solar pool cover to work effectively. This is because the bubbles trap heat inside of them and transfer it into the water. Having your pool cover facing the wrong way can also lead to it being damaged from the sun. If you are unsure about which way your pool cover should face, contact the Sunlover New South Wales team. 

How do I stop my pool cover from blowing off the pool?

If your pool cover has been correctly fitted to your pool it should not blow off in the wind. Instead the wind usually pushes the cover downwards, keeping it in place. If the pool cover is too big or too small, it will allow air to pass underneath and lift it from the pool. If you are considering getting a pool cover installed, contact the team at Sunlover Heating New South Wales. We are the experts in pool blankets and will correctly install your cover to ensure these issues do not occur. 

How do I store the pool cover when it is not in use?

When the pool cover is not in use it should be stored out of direct sunlight. A pool blanket cover Sydney can be useful to prevent damage. A roller is also a useful tool to ensure the pool blanket is being stored correctly. 

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Solar Pool Blankets are are an incredibly useful tool to keep your pool warm, clean and prevent chemical/water loss. Sunlover Heating New South Wales have a great range of high quality solar covers to suit pools of every size and shape.

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