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How to Heat a Pool?

Whilst in Australia, solar pool heating is a popular choice for pool heating. Pool heat pump systems are becoming increasingly popular. Pool heat pumps maintain a low operating cost to operate at a low cost all year round.

Pool Heating vs Pool Heat Pumps

A pool heater utilises electricity through natural gas or propane gas. Whilst a heat pump does not actually generate heat. Instead, heat pumps rely on a heat transfer principle. The air around us contains heat even during winter which is used to heat your pool. The heat pump draws in heat from the air and into an exchanger to warm the water.

Due to the minimal electricity usage, pool heat pumps are an energy efficient solution to warm your pool all year round.

How to Choose a Heat Pump

Whilst pool heat pumps are more expensive upfront compared to gas pool heaters, the maintenance costs are significantly lower over the life of the product. The lifetime of a pool heat pump is generally longer than a gas heater, working out to be cheaper long term.

When choosing a heat pump, you may want to consider:

  • Cost
  • Features
  • Size

Estimating Pool Heat Pump Costs

Whilst Sunlover Brisbane has a team of sales staff that can design your system to select the right heat pump for your pool. It’s important to get an idea of how much your heat pump is going to cost you throughout its lifetime. Although heat pumps are expensive to purchase, they may pay for it in the long run compared to other pool heating systems. Pool heat pumps can cost you as little as $2.60 a day, approximately $625 per year.

Tip! Utilising solar panels may also significantly decrease the price of running your pool heat pump. It can run on a timer during the day whilst your solar panels are producing free electricity.

Heat Pump Specifications

Each of the Oasis Pool heat pumps has different specifications based on the size and functionality of the system. However, it is important to consider the application of the heat pump and the size of your pool that it will be used to heat. The X Series offers an automatic reverse cycle defrost system which allows it to operate at temperatures lower than 0˚c. Meanwhile the Inverter heat pumps reduce energy use through its variable speed function.

Buy the right sized heat pump

The oasis heat pumps vary in size depending on it’s application. Therefore, it’s important to consider the volume of water that is required to be heated.  If your heat pump is too small you could only be warming part of your pool!

Tip! Using a pool blanket overnight during Brisbane’s colder weather can preserve the warmth of your pool.

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