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How Quickly Does a Gas Heater Warm a Pool? 

Gas heaters are a fast, reliable and efficient way to heat your pool and keep you and your family swimming all year round. Gas heaters allow you to set your pool to a specific temperature and then forget about it as the heater does the rest.  

When you’re choosing a gas heater for your pool, you should consider these few things: 

  • Swimming pool size 
  • Maximum temperature 
  • Heating time 
  • Your swimming season 

The Gas pool heater can take anywhere between 4 to 24 hours dpending on some of the above factors to heat up. Gas heaters can easily heat your pool anywhere between 12 and 15 degrees in 24 hours, however generally you would not require your pool to be heated that high. To have your pool at a comfortable temperature you would only need to raise the temperature by a couple of degrees. Therefore, this can be completed in significantly less time.  

Pool heaters Sydney can be installed both inside and outside to ensure your pool meets your needs.  

In most cases, your gas pool heater will be cheaper to install than other heating solutions such as pool heat pumps and solar heating systems. Plus, they do not require the equipment to be placed on your roof.  

Due to Gas heaters ability to quickly heat up your pool, you could be swimming in a warm pool as early as the next morning after it has been installed the day prior.  

No matter the weather conditions they can also be used. If you invite your friends and family for a BBQ and it starts to rain and cool the pool down, you can turn on your gas pool heater and be using your pool that same day. 

Now that is something that your solar pool heater can’t do!  

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