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How Long Does It Take To Heat A Pool In Victoria?

There is nothing worse than planning a backyard pool party for the afternoon and the weather isn’t the sunny 30 degrees it said it was going to be. Your friends and family have started to arrive but the pool temperature is on the chilly side and a dip in the pool is unlikely. 

With the unpredictable weather in Victoria sometimes, it is a great investment to start looking into a pool heating system! At Sunlover Heating Victoria  we understand that having a pool you can swim in all year round would be a relief. With Sunlover Heating Victoria, we have a range of heat pumps that would be perfect to install and keep your swimming season extended. 

Gas Pool Heaters 

If you’re only needing to keep your pool or spa heated occasionally then a gas pool heater Melbourne would be the best option. A Pentair MasterTemp Gas Pool Heater is fast, energy efficient, and built to enhance your pool enjoyment. Depending on the size of your pool will determine how long it will take for it to reach the desired temperature. A good rule of thumb to go by is that it can take around 8-12 hours to heat up your swimming pool if using a gas pool heater. A gas heater takes the quickest amount of time to heat up a pool but it doesn’t mean that it is the best option for you and your family. 

Electric Pool Heaters 

If you’re looking into electric heat pumps, they can roughly take up to 12- 48 hours to heat up the water in your swimming pool, the temperature it can usually get to in that time is around 28 degrees. The Oasis X Series Heat Pumps are specifically designed to extend your swimming season for up to 8 months a year. The Oasis X9, X13 and X19 are our most popular pool heat pumps.

Pool Blankets

If you are looking to invest in other areas to keep your pool warmer, a pool blanket Melbourne would be the perfect addition. Around 70% of heat in a pool is lost from water evaporation from the surface of the pool. If you were to add an additional barrier between the surface of the water and the atmosphere, the water will be maintained and increased. In addition to that, Sunlover Heating solar pool covers have about 11,500 bubbles per square meter and the air inside the bubbles are rapidly warmed by the sun, transferring heat to your pool water.  Sunlover Heating pool blankets Melbourne work hard to maintain heat retention and keep your pool warmer than without one. 

Overall, depending on your needs, your location and the size of your pool will determine which option would suit you best. If the pool is quite large, it’s easy to say it will take a longer heating time as there is much more water to heat. It is best to invest in the right product and Sunlover Heating Victoria will be able to help you make the correct purchase. Get in touch today and speak to our friendly team! 

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