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Are you sick of the Melbourne weather dictating the days you are able to enjoy your pool? Sunlover Heating Victoria is here to help you out!

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About Sunlover
Heating Victoria

Sunlover Heating Victoria has a team of local experts that have knowledge in the local weather patterns and safety prerequisites to ensure the optimal standard for your pool heating system. We have a range of skilled employees in technical sales, customer service, quality management, product development and installation. Market research and innovation has led to a range of domestic and commercial heating solutions being one of the most reliable brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Sunlover Heating Victoria Offers You:

Solar Pool Heating

Commercial Pool Heating

Heat Pumps

Swimming Pool

Why choose Sunlover Heating Victoria?

Sunlover Heating Victoria has supplied pools and spa heating to trade customers for over 30 years. Throughout this time Sunlover heating Victoria has completed strategic market research to create the most reliable products.

Sunlover heating Victoria utilises pool heating analysis programs to be able to offer their customers a design specific to your needs. Every heating solution for every pool heating need.


Technology &
Quality Control

Pool heating and heat pump technology is prioritised with Sunlover heating Victoria. Through technological research and development, Sunlover Heating Victoria has adopted specialised pool components for every product within the range.



All pool heating Victoria products prioritise the reliability and quality of our products. All products adhere to technical and professional certifications throughout Australia, New Zealand and overseas.



Our team has a range of specialised team members that have skills and local experience that provides fast and efficient support. Providing quality products that you want and need are a priority.

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