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Getting your solar pool heating summer ready

The nights are getting longer, the weather has began to warm up and the silly season is approaching and which means its time to turn on your solar pool heating and get your swimming pool ready for summer. 


However over the winter period, damage may have occurred to your solar pool heating due to poor weather, high winds and storms.


So what should I do when I turn my solar pool heating on again?


  • Turn on your Solar Controller
  • Is your solar controller showing any error codes?
  • Are your sensors plugged in correctly to the solar controller
  • Ensure your solar controller is running in Summer Mode
  • If your solar controller has an internal clock, is it set to the right time
  • Check your boost pump is plugged into your solar controller and has power
  • Check your pipe work and solar matting
  • Can you see any visible leaks, sprays or hear any running water in your gutters?


After you have completed these few little steps and completed any required repairs you’re all ready for another fun filled summer period in your swimming pool.



Need to complete any of the above steps?


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