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Can a solar system be fitted to an existing swimming pool?

Yes. An retro fit system can be easily fitted without affecting any other part of the pool structure. It uses the filtered pool water to ensure that clean water is sent to the roof absorber

I have an existing solar heating system but its old / I want to update – what do I need to do?

We will need to arrange an inspection of your existing system to provide you a quote for a replacement or upgrade of a system. In some cases you may only need to replacement or upgrade the solar matting to the roof.

I have solar heating, but its leaking, what do I need to do?

Firstly you will need to determine the area it is coming from.

  • Is the material on the roof or near the pipework?
  • Is it just a drip or a spray?

Once you have this information, please TURN OFF your solar heating and contact your nearest Sunlover Heating office to arrange a service call.

Once we have your request we will attend your property as soon as we can, however due to unpredictable and inconsistent weather patters this can take 5-10 working days and can extend further during the warmer months.

There seems to be Air bubbles continually returning to pool

Bubbles may take up to 10 minutes to clear when starting up your system.

If after this time the bubbles continue, check for holes or a crack in the suction line and that the pump lid & barrel union connections are sealed.

If the problem persists, please call Sunlover Heating

Controller is on, but pump is not working & solar conditions are good

A few quick steps to determine the issue:

  • Check the pump is plugged into the base of the controller
  • Set controller to Manual mode – does this turn the pump on?
  • Test the pump by plugging into a different power point and turning on. does this turn the pump on? If it doesn’t, then the pump is the problem – contact Sunlover Heating
  • Check controller power output (where your pump was plugged in) by plugging in a power tool or small appliance into the bottom of the controller to see if it runs – if not please the controller is the problem – contact Sunlover Heating

Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers over 30 years.


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