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Effectively heat your swimming pool with an Oasis Pool Heat Pump

Effectively and efficiently heat your swimming pool with an Oasis Pool Heat Pump – even during the winter months.


With the rising cost of living, everyone is looking to reduce their energy costs. Heating your swimming pool and using it all year round creates value for money. The cost of installing and maintaining a swimming pool is almost the cost of a new car. You wouldn’t store your car in the garage for half the year, so why park your pool?


Heating your swimming pool with a Heat Pump gives you greater use of your investment and allows you to continue the swim when you like lifestyle, even when the sun isn’t shining.


Swimming pool heat pumps save money by utilizing energy from the surrounding air for use in heating your pool water to achieve the perfect water temperature all while providing low running costs.


Heat Pumps aren’t just for your residential swimming pools. Your local gym, public pool and swim school may also be utilizing this proven cost-saving efficient technology.


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