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Can you Run the Pool Pump with a Solar Blanket on it? 

Pool pumps make a huge difference in the summertime when it comes to keeping your pool in pristine condition. Like a pool cover, a pool pump is essential to keep the dirt and debris out of your pool. But whilst they both work to keep your pool clean, are you able to use them at the same time? 

The short and simple answer is yes. But read below to find out the benefits of using both simultaneously.  

Is it Safe to Run a Pool Pump and Use a Solar Pool Blanket at the Same Time?  

Yes, you can safely use both at the same time! The pool cover does not have any effect on the pool pump circulating water around the pool. In fact, we would recommend it as it reduces the number of hours that the pump needs to be run and therefore extends the lifespan of your pool pump.  

Let’s find out more! 

To put it simply, the pool pump and solar blanket have different roles that they play. The pool pump has been designed to circulate water around your pool. As the pump is circulating the water, the debris is being trapped in your pool’s skimmer basket and filter.  

Alternatively, one of the main functions of the pool cover is to protect your pool from debris that may fall into the pool. Since it will block debris like leaves, bird droppings and grass clippings your pool will stay a lot cleaner. In turn, this will significantly reduce the number of hours that your pool pump will be required to clean your pool.  

If you keep your pool cover on the majority of the time you may only need to run your pool pump for as little as 2-4 hours per day. However, if you are in a climate where it gets close to or below freezing you will need to run your pool pump for at least 8-10 hours per day. That is even if you are using a pool cover. We recommend this to ensure that your pool pipes don’t freeze during winter.  

Tips for Running Your Pool Pump and Using Your Pool Cover:

  1. Ensure the water remains above the skimmer basket  

Ideally, the water level should remain about halfway up the skimmer basket. If your water level drops this means that your pool pump will be starved of water, leading to poor water circulation.  

  1. Blow or sweep off the leaves on the top of your pool cover 

This may be a simple one, but you need to ensure that the debris isn’t getting in the water and clogging your skimmer basket.  

  1. Remove the water off the top of your pool cover 

When you are using your pool cover it will block out the rain and floodwater from entering your pool. We recommend sucking this off the pool cover as you don’t want dirty water entering your pool and diluting the pool with chemicals. Removing the rainwater will save you money and time on fixing the pH level of your pool.  

  1. Remove the pool cover when adding chemicals to the pool 

This may be another obvious tip but make sure to remove the pool cover when adding chemicals to your pool. Some pool chemicals can break down your pool cover, significantly reducing its lifespan. 

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