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Best Swimming Pool Supplies for a New Pool

Many people dream of having a swimming pool in their backyard. It is an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long day, get some exercise, or enjoy a fun pool party with family and friends. The even greater thing about having a swimming pool in your home is that you can have a ‘Swim When You Want’ lifestyle! 

After your swimming pool has been installed, there are several things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you make the most of your brand new pool. For you to enjoy your pool for a long time, make sure that you have the right swimming pool supplies and equipment to maintain it and keep it in optimal condition. 

Before you go rushing to the nearest pool supplies store, find out what you need first to maximise your shopping trip. Here are the best swimming pool supplies that you need for your new pool. 

Pool Pumps

A pool pump should be at the top of your swimming pool supply checklist. Pool pumps help move water in and out of your pool, which keeps water fresh and clear from debris. Pool pumps also help prevent stains and algae from developing on your pool.

As your pool pump circulates water, it also powers your swimming pool’s heating and filtration processes from the pipes, past the heater and back into the pool. Use your pool pump to keep the water flowing overnight or to clear out an algae-filled pool.

Pool Heaters 

Another must-have swimming supply is a pool heater, which is responsible for keeping your pool water’s temperature just right. A pool heater is what will allow you to enjoy a swim at perfect water temperature whether during a chilly fall afternoon or a scorching summer day. 

There are different kinds of pool heaters that you can choose from — solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters, and electric heaters. They vary in terms of cost and energy consumption. The great thing about gas pool heaters is that they can quickly warm up pools while solar pool heaters are eco-friendly since these are more energy-efficient. 

Skimmer Net & Pool Brushes

A skimmer net is another must for pool maintenance. It is a net used to remove leaves, bugs, and other debris that float around the top of your pool water. With the help of a high-quality skimmer net, you will not have to swim through water filled with debris, bugs, and leaves. 

Aside from a skimmer, another essential sanitation tool is a pool brush. This will help you deal with algae building on your pool. You should use your pool brush to remove the algae from your pool at least once a week.  

If you have big pool leaves falling onto your pool surface, you can also use a leaf rake that comes with a big net that will be more effective in collecting bigger leaves. 

Pool Cover

Pool covers provide an extra layer of safety, prevent leaves and debris from getting in the water as well as keep the water cool on hot days. They are especially useful for the times when you will not use your swimming pool. 

A pool cover is a preventive tool that will reduce the risk of water contamination and protect your pool until you open it again for use. You can choose from the many different types of pool covers available. While manual pool covers do a great job of protecting your pool, automatic and rolling deck pool covers are more convenient options. 

Water Test Kit

Maintaining your swimming pool’s pH balance is a crucial maintenance step that you need to perform regularly. You should test your pool’s pH levels two or three times a week to maintain its proper pH balance. Not only will this keep your pool water clean and looking great, but it will also reduce damage to your pool. 

Aside from manual water test kits, there are also digital water test kits, which can be monitored via a mobile app. Make sure to pick the right water test kit for your swimming pool. 

Chemical Feeders, Purifiers, and Chlorinators

Pool chemicals help keep your pool water safe, germ-free, and comfortable to swim in. To maintain your swimming pool’s clean and clear water, you must deliver a consistent flow of sanitiser to your pool water. 

Pool sanitisers include tablet chlorinators, feeders and floaters, and salt water chlorine generators. A chlorinator, in particular, keeps your water balanced and helps maintain sanitary conditions for swimmers.


Your swimming pool supply checklist will change through the seasons and depending on how you use your pool. Having these essential swimming pool supplies will get you started on the right way of maintaining your pool so that you can safely enjoy relaxing dips in it for a long time to come. 

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