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Are The Bubbles on a Pool Cover Supposed to be Up or Down? 

Pool cover blankets not only significantly help the maintenance of your pool by keeping out debris and dirt from your pool but they also play a large role in keeping your pool warm. A Sunlover pool blanket absorbs the heat from the sun and transfers it into your pool to heat it. However, if you live somewhere that does not gain direct sunlight all day you may need to use a pool blanket in addition to another pool heating source to ensure your pool is at an ideal temperature.  

Which Way do the Bubbles Face?  

The simple answer is they should face down, always. The way they heat your pool is through the sun warming up the air that is trapped in the bubbles. The heat is therefore then transferred into your pool. Thus, this is why your pool blanket should always face down. During colder weather, the pool blanket retains the heat in the bubbles that had been produced throughout the day.  

Each Sunlover pool cover has approximately 11,500 bubbles per square meter which is approximately 40% more than regular pool covers. This means that Sunlover pool heating blankets can keep your pool warmer for longer.  

How Should I Store my Pool Blanket?  

To ensure you get the most out of your pool blanket you should store it on a pool blanket roller. Each pool blanket roller will fit your pool blanket no matter the size. This will ensure that the pool cover can last as long as possible.  If your pool blanket is not in contact with water it should not be in direct sunlight. This is because the heat has nowhere to transfer, and it will overheat the bubbles.  

Therefore, if you leave your pool blanket outside you need to ensure it is covered with a white cover. It would be best, however, to move into your shed or an undercover area to minimise contact with the sun. This will prevent it from overheating. If you are planning on leaving it off your pool for an extended period, you should rinse it off to remove any of the chemicals.  

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