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Winter is coming: is your pool ready for winter?

Using your swimming pool all year round not only means you can make the most of your backyard investment it also enables you to stay fit by swimming laps or playing sports in the pool. But owning a pool in the winter months can be a hassle without pool heating, resulting in the pool being neglected and unused until the sun comes back around. With appropriate pool heating, you can continue to make the most of your pool despite the cooler weather. But which heating solution should you choose?

If you’re feeling undecided about which sort of heating system to choose to heat your pool this winter, we’re here to help with this handy guide of the best ways to heat your pool this winter.

Warm water all winter with gas pool heaters

No matter which city you live in, gas pool heaters Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne are a quick and effective way to heat your swimming pool. Gas pool heaters have the ability to work in all weather conditions, therefore operating efficiently during winter throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They can heat your home swimming pool regardless of the air temperature because they get their heat from natural gas or propane, rather than from the air or the sun. Gas pool heater units will heat up pool water quickly whenever you want to take a dip, and have a lower upfront cost than heat pumps or solar heating systems.

The best of both worlds

When installed together, gas pool heaters and solar pool heating make a great winter pool heating solution. Solar pool heating runs until an achievable temperature is reached. This saves on running costs and allows the gas pool heater to boost the water temperature to the desired swimming level. For days when there’s low solar gain, the gas unit will act as a booster.

Cover up

Whichever heating option you choose, you should always invest in a pool cover. Around 75% of swimming pool heat loss is due to evaporation. Acting as a barrier between the cold winter air and your swimming pool, a solar pool cover reduces heat loss from evaporation. Solar blankets are also often recommended because of their ability to greatly reduce swimming pool heating costs in all climates, from Brisbane to Sydney, and Melbourne.

The potential for evaporation is greatest at night and during cloudy days, so make sure your blanket is on during these times. This will also stop leaves and other debris falling into the water and save you from having to clean it so often. Remember to take the blanket or cover off regularly to avoid algae growth.

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