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Why You Need a Swimming Pool Cover

A swimming pool is a great addition to your home. Kids love to play in them and adults can relax after a long, stress-filled day by taking a refreshing dip. But how do you protect your swimming pool? You may think regular cleaning takes care of the problem, but that is only part of the battle. Let’s look at why you need to cover your pool when it isn’t in use.

A swimming pool cover is a vital part of any pool maintenance routine. After all, even if you take great care in keeping your swimming pool clean and safe for the kids, there are always contaminants in the air that will fall into your pool.

Swimming pool covers give multiple benefits to pool owners. Here are some of them:

It keeps the swimming pool clean. 

A swimming pool cover keeps debris away. Aside from preventing rainfall from entering your pool, it also keeps leaves, twigs and insects away so that you don’t have to do a lot of cleaning when you want to use your pool again.

It protects the swimming pool against harsh weather conditions.

Swimming pools need to be adequately taken care of, regardless of whether there is rain or sunshine because these things affect the chemical composition of the water inside. It can also damage some parts of metal structures in and around your pool that aren’t waterproof enough to resist spring hail or summer thunderstorms. Fortunately, a durable outdoor enclosure could handle these elements and help protect your pool.

It slows down evaporation.

A lot of pool owners would agree that keeping your swimming pool covered will prevent evaporation. You would not want to pay for the entire volume of water in your pool, so a swimming pool cover helps keep evaporation at bay.

It saves you on your water bill.

Since the evaporation process slows down when a swimming pool cover is used, you won’t have to spend as much time and effort topping off the water inside your pool. This means using less water, saving you a lot in your monthly water bill.

It reduces energy costs.

Many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. If you have a swimming pool, using a pool cover will help cut back on electricity consumption, since pool blankets serve as an insulator. It keeps water warm during colder seasons so that you can swim in it without having to turn up the heater as much.

It costs less than most cleaning products.

There are indeed some cleaning products on the market today that make impressive claims about what they can do, but these products may have a very short shelf life – sometimes only a few months, even when properly stored indoors!

A good quality swimming pool cover, on the other hand, will last you for several years, often for as long as ten years. When you consider the amount of money it will save you over time on cleaning and treatment products, a swimming pool cover will pay for itself in no time.

It makes your pool safer. 

The number of drowning victims goes up every year. Children who go near water without supervision are just asking for trouble. Accidents, even for adults, can happen even in the best-maintained pools.

If you have children, adding a safety cover to your pool can make all the difference between them having fun and them drowning. Safety covers are designed to provide additional support on top of your already sturdy fence around the pool area. 

It prolongs the life of your equipment.


Swimming pool covers are essential to maintaining the proper chemical balance of your pool, which helps prolong the life of your equipment. Also, a lot of pool owners don’t realize that their equipment can be damaged by exposure to harsh weather conditions, even if it’s just for a few hours. A good quality swimming pool cover will protect your pumps and filters so they last longer.

It makes your life easier.

A swimming pool cover does not only make things more convenient for you as a pool owner. It also makes life easier for your pool operator. This will translate into lower service costs and less time spent on routine maintenance tasks.

So, there you have it. Whether you’re just looking out for your family’s well-being or keeping up with your monthly expenses, investing in a good quality swimming pool cover will certainly be worthwhile. With all these benefits, you may wonder why you haven’t bought one before. If you’re already using a swimming pool cover, congratulations! It is one extra way to keep your pool in top condition for years to come.

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