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Why is My Solar Heated Pool Cold in Victoria?

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Many pool owners in Victoria enjoy the benefits of their Solar Heated Pool. Examples of such benefits are energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, reduced energy costs, and, of course, warming up your pool water. So when pool owners in Victoria find that their pool water is cold even with a solar heated pool, they understandably want to find out why. In this blog, we will go through some reasons as to why pool owners in Victoria may find their pool is cold even with a solar heat pump. 

A troubleshooting checklist if you find that you’re asking “Why is my solar heated pool cold?” 

Filter Clean: The pool filter is always a good first place to check when pool owners notice that there is something wrong with their pool. It is recommended that pool owners in Victoria regularly check that their pool filter is clean and unobstructed as the restricted water flow will hinder the effectiveness of their solar pool heat pump. 

Pool Heat Pump Settings and Maintenance: Ensure that the Pool Heat Pump settings have not been tampered with and also updated to suit the current climate. Also, if pool owners know that they have not kept up with their pool heat pump maintenance, it would be a good idea to call a professional to inspect and conduct a maintenance check, as they may need to recalibrate the Pool Heat Pump. 

Water Flow Valves: Water Flow Valves are an important function of the Solar Pool Heat Pump system, as they control the flow of the water throughout the solar pool heating system. It is important to get malfunctioning or faulty waterflow valves checked by a professional, as if neglected this can lead to pool water heating unevenly. 

Temperature Gauge: If the temperature gauge doesn’t match, this is a great indication that it is either due for a repair or faulty. In this case, you will need to seek out a professional for either a repair or replacement. 

Solar Panel Maintenance: As Solar Panels are situated on the roof of homes, they are exposed to the elements and are prone to environmental damage such as storms as well as debris build-up, and damage from animal wildlife. For Solar Pool heat pumps to work effectively and efficiently, it is important to maintain the Solar Panels. If you are unsure of the condition of your Solar Panels, you are able to call a professional, and they will be able to examine the Solar Panels and recommend the appropriate solutions. 

If pool owners with solar pool heat pumps installed are still finding that their pool water is cold, it is worth contacting a professional team to come and take a look at your Solar Pool Heat Pump System as they may need to conduct a Full Test Flush of the system. A Full Test Flush is a great pool maintenance habit to incorporate annually as it can increase the longevity of your Solar Pool Heat Pump for years to come. If you are a pool owner in Victoria that has any questions about Solar Pool Heat Pumps or Solar Pool Heat Pump maintenance, please feel free to give our Sunlover Victoria team a call on 03) 9887 2131. 

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