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What is a Solar Pool Blanket?

You have invested time and money into filling up your pool and getting it to the perfect temperature. Now what? A solar pool blanket is an essential accessory to ensure the maintenance of your pool. It minimises the debris and rain entering your pool whilst reducing evaporation. This will save you money on your water bills!

Solar pool heating is the most effective and cost-effective way to warm your pool. However, in the same way that the sun provides warmth to your pool water, other factors also reduce the temperature. This may include wind or evaporation; this is where a solar pool blanket comes in! The pool blanket will create a layer on top of the pool and protect the pool’s temperature. Thus, obtaining the current temperature and reducing the expenses associated with reheating your pool.

How Does it increase the heat?  

The pool blankets are covered with bubbles that are rapidly heated by the sun which is then transferred into the pool. Sunlover Heating Queensland’s pool blankets have 11500 bubbles per square metre, approximately 40% more than regular pool heating blankets. This means your pool will work harder to retain the heat and keep your pool warm.

How much money will it save me?

As mentioned above, your pool blanket is going to prevent water evaporation. But how much money will this save on your water bill? Without the pool cover your pool will lose approximately 100 litres of water per day. This means you will consistently require to top up not only your water but also the chemicals in your pool.

Below are some saving estimates on different water rates across Southeast Queensland:

Logan City CouncilRedland City Council  Brisbane City Council  Ipswich City Council  
Average Water Loss Per Year36,500 Litres36,500 Litres36,500 Litres36,500 Litres
Average Cost per kilolitre*$4.25$3.12$3.23$3.23

Tip: You can check out how much you will be saving by looking at your local council’s website for exact rates.

How to Store Pool Heating Blankets?

Whilst you are enjoying the warmth of your pool, you need to ensure your pool heating blanket is stored correctly. Pool cover rollers provide an easy solution to protect your investment.

Each pool roller at Sunlover Heating Queensland is easy to use and fits the pool cover no matter the shape.

Some key features include:

  • 304 stainless/chromium steel and pool aluminum tube
  • Durable construction
  • Large hand crank wheels and non-slip rubber stoppers
  • Easy combination winding system
  • Modern unobtrusive appearance

Want to find out how a solar pool blanket can decrease your water bill? Contact us today!

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