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Two of the Best Heat Pumps for Your Pools

A pool is a beautiful addition to your home, but heating the water can be a costly hassle. One way to save on maintenance and operation costs is by using a heat pump instead of other heater options such as gas heaters or solar blankets.

What are Heat Pumps?

A heat pump is a device that transfers thermal energy from one location to another. In a pool, a heat pump moves heat out of the surrounding air and into your pool water. Heat pumps are an excellent option since they can also supplement heating needs in cooler months.

Pool heat pumps are designed as closed-loop systems, circulating refrigerant liquid through a fiberglass coil submerged in your pool water. Evaporating the liquid transfers heat from outside air into the water inside the tank while also producing condensation, which is released back into the atmosphere when it cools down again.

Features to Look For in Heat Pumps

Energy Savings

The higher the energy efficiency rating of a heat pump, the less you will have to spend on future electricity costs.

Clean Heat and No Corrosion

An electronically controlled variable speed pump is best because it produces more consistent temperatures than units with fixed settings. In addition, this type of unit can be adjusted up or down as needed depending on how much heat is going out into the surrounding area.

Inverter Technology 

Heat pumps using inverter technology offer engine-like efficiency in heat pumps. Inverter technology is beneficial for pool heaters because it can adjust to the constant changes in surrounding air temperatures.

Less Noise

Certain heat pumps are quieter than others, so if you have an indoor pool setting, make sure to choose one that’s designed for quiet operation. You also do not want to disturb your neighbors with the noise. Some models offer an option of a high-performance fan which can increase noise levels slightly. Some models have a special ‘whisper’ mode as well.

Customer Service & Product Warranty

Read the warranty carefully, and find out how long it’s valid for. The warranty offered on a heat pump is usually a good indication of the quality of the product. Most products provide warranties that span ten years, but some offer better coverage than others. Look for brands or models with at least ten-year limited coverage to ensure that you have adequate support if your system requires repair. In addition to the warranty length, make sure that there is a good customer service support system in place.

Reasonable Price

Heat pumps are priced according to the size and efficiency of the unit. You should choose your heat pump based on how much energy is required for your pool’s water and match that up with a product with a higher energy capacity to save money in the long run.

Top-rated Heat Pump Models

Oasis X Series Heat Pumps

These heat pumps are specifically intended to extend the swimming season and guarantee heating no matter the weather. They are capable of maintaining a desirable temperature for up to 8 months a year. The X Series is the top-of-the-line fixed-speed range of heat pumps offered by Sunlover and Oasis.

Key Features

  • Heating and cooling with auto defrost
  • Retrofits to existing filtration system
  • Titanium spiral heat exchanger with a lifetime warranty against corrosion
  • Super quiet operation
  • Rustproof & anti-corrosive
  • Oasis LCD controller
  • Hydrophilic fin coil coating ABS cabinets Titanium coil (20-year warranty)
  • Reverse cycle defrost
  • Built-in drains
  • Ozone friendly and highly efficient
  • R410a refrigerant

Oasis Inverter Heat Pump

The Oasis Inverter heat pump helps save electricity with its inverter technology and variable speed function. With its internal ventilation structure, Oasis Inverters operate quietly. Each unit can also be equipped with a Wi-Fi module for direct connection to your pool heat pump via smartphone.

Key Features

  • DC inverter technology
  • 30% greater efficiency with a COP of up to 8
  • R410A Refrigerant
  • Titanium Spiral Heat Exchanger comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion
  • ABS plastic casing
  • Advanced EEV technology
  • Whisper-quiet operation

Final Thoughts about Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an excellent option for heating your pool because it’s convenient and easy to use. With any heater option, there will be pros and cons associated with each one, so it is essential to compare the detailed specifications of each before settling on one in particular. In the end, ensuring that you choose an efficient model will help you save money over time.

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