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Troubleshooting – why isn’t my solar pool heating running?

There are a few quick steps to follow to determine the issue with your solar pool heating:


  • Check your pump is plugged into the base of the solar controller


  • Set the solar controller to Manual Mode
    • Does this turn the pump on?
    • If you plug the pump into a different power point, does this turn the pump on?
    • If the pump does not turn on, your controller my require review and repair.
    • Please send us your controller for review with the following document


  • Does your controller have a timeclock (SL2, SL6, SL8),
    • Make sure the clock is set to the correct time
    • A step by step guide is available in your Manual located on the pool solar controllers¬†page

If you are still experiencing an issue once you have completed these steps, please contact your local Sunlover Heating office for further advise and book a service call.