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The latest development in Solar Pool Heating – Introducing Sunlover Energy Flow

Sunlover Energy Flow Solar Collector

 The Energy Flow Solar system utilises the latest multi layered extrusion technology enabling us to provide you with the best possible flexible Solar Collector on the market.

As pointed out in the brochure attached some of the main benefits of the Sunlover Energy Flow system are:

  • 12 tubes resulting in more water per square meter
  • A much faster heat up time and longer swimming season
  • Superior UV and ozone resistance
  • Maximum chemical resistance
  • Longer life
  • Matt surface finish which greatly improves solar absorption
  • Increased toughness and resistance to damage and puncturing

Have at look at the brochure here and for any questions please contact your local Sunlover Heating Office

Sunlover Energy Flow 12 Solar Collector