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Take Care of Your Pool This Winter with The Right Pool Blanket

Winter is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about how to take care of your pool during the colder months. Many pool owners wonder whether they should use a pool blanket and the best practices for their pool blanket Queensland.  

Covering Your Pool 

Using a pool blanket to cover your pool is one of the best practices to ensure you can reduce heat loss. Solar blankets can reduce your heat loss for up to 70%. Similarly, to your pool, your pool blanket cover also needs to be maintained to extend its life. 

So, should you keep your pool cover on through winter? The answer is yes!! Here are a few reasons why this is important.  

What are the Benefits of a Solar Blanket?  

  • Reduce Pool Heating Costs 

Pool covers have the ability to reduce evaporation which in turn will reduce pool heating costs.  

Your swimming pool can lose heat in several ways however evaporation is the biggest reason. The rate of evaporation for an outdoor pool depends on the pools temperature, air temperature and humidity as well as the wind speed. The higher the pool temperature and wind speed and the lower the humidity, the greater the evaporation rate. 

  • Reduce Debris  

Leaving your solar blanket on during winter will help keep it clean and reduce the time you will spend maintaining it. Solar blankets allow you to keep the leaves and organic matter out of your pool.  

  • Minimize Chemical Evaporation 

Leaving your pool blanket on during winter will also help you reduce chemical evaporation which means you will spend less money on products and reduce the time you spend looking after your pool.  

How to Clean your pool blanket?  

Before you put your pool blanket on this winter, you should give it a thorough clean. The best way to do this is using a mild dish washing soap.  

Here are a few simple steps to follow to ensure your pool blanket gets thoroughly cleaned:  

  1. First wet the blanket and then mix a bucket with a weak solution of dish washing soap. 
  1. Use your pool pole and your pool brush to thoroughly scrub the blanket. 
  1. Once you have finished scrubbing use a hose to remove the dirty water. If you place your blanket on a sloped section of your lawn you will find it is easier to rinse. 

Tip – After you have finished cleaning your pool, don’t leave it out on your lawn. As quickly as your pool is heated up, your lawn will experience the same thing. This means that your pool blanket can burn your pool in under a hour.  

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