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Sunlover Queensland x SPASA 

At Sunlover, we take great pride in our ongoing efforts to enhance customer experiences and trust when they choose us for their Solar Pool Heat Pump and Pool Heating Solutions in Queensland. Our commitment to upholding industry standards in Queensland has reached a new milestone, as we are delighted to announce our membership with the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). 

As a prominent and trusted industry body, SPASA represents numerous esteemed Australian businesses within the pool and spa sector. Their membership includes a wide range of sectors within the industry, including leading pool builders, manufacturers, supplier retailers, technicians, installers, consultants, and various allied trades. 

Opting for a business that holds SPASA membership offers significant advantages for consumers seeking Solar Pool Heat Pumps and Pool Heating Solutions in Queensland for their residential or commercial pools. SPASA members adhere to a strong code of ethics, highlighting their commitment to maintaining high standards and fostering a progressive and positive industry environment. 

Here are five key principles embraced by SPASA members: 

Commitment to Free Enterprise and Consumer Service: SPASA members pledge to uphold the principles of free enterprise and provide excellent service to consumers, ensuring integrity and prioritising customer satisfaction in all interactions. 

Enhancing the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry: Members are dedicated to contributing to the growth and improvement of the swimming pool and spa industry, involving commitments to research and development and fostering innovation in materials, products, and methods. 

Collaboration with Government Authorities: SPASA members commit to cooperating and assisting, wherever possible, with all levels of government in their interactions with the swimming pool and spa industry, ensuring compliance with relevant laws, ordinances, and regulations. 

Fair and Professional Conduct: Members agree to act fairly and properly in all interactions with fellow association members, promoting a positive and professional atmosphere within the industry. 

Professional and Unbiased Service: SPASA members commit to acting in a professional and unbiased manner when providing advice, consulting, or offering services to consumers, ensuring that customers receive reliable and impartial guidance for their pool and spa needs. 

By becoming a SPASA member, Sunlover Queensland aligns itself with these principles, emphasising our dedication to ethical business practices, customer satisfaction, and the advancement of the pool and spa industry in Queensland. Opting for Sunlover means choosing a business dedicated to integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction, providing not only quality pool heating solutions in Queensland but also peace of mind for consumers that value upholding industry standards. 

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