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Special offer to get solar pool heating in Sydney!

Have you have been contemplating installing solar pool heating at your Sydney home? We have a special offer for NSW residents only, so keep reading.

Our Sunlover Heating solar pool heating office in Sydney has just moved to a new warehouse, and to celebrate we thought we would have a MOVING SALE.

We have cut the prices on all our Strip Solar Heating, Rigid Solar Heating, Gas Pool Heating Systems, and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps. In fact, we will take any reasonable offers on our products (T&Cs Apply).

This special offer on solar pool heating products in Sydney is ONLY available until the 18th of July, 2016, so you better get in quick.

A closer look at our fantastic products:

Strip Solar Heating
With strip solar heating, pool water flows through solar collectors (tubes) installed on a roof, and is heated from the sun before flowing back into the swimming pool. Water temperature is controlled by an electronic controller for perfect water temperature.

Rigid Solar Heating
Sunlover’s rigid solar heating tubes are insulated and connected so that they stay warmer for longer, compared to other tubes that allow heat to escape. Sturdy, efficient, indestructible, and eco-friendly, our patented design can withstand extreme weather conditions and the tubes keep their shape without any problems.

Gas Pool Heating Systems
When solar is not possible, a gas pool heater is a great option. Gas pool heaters warm up swimming pools quickly with minimal energy usage. Our Sunlover systems are robust, easy to use and super quiet.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
When you want a warm swimming pool ready to use with low operating costs, Sunlover pool heat pumps are super efficient.

All our products are ideal for domestic and commercial pool heating needs, and there really isn’t a better time to install a system than right now. What are you waiting for, call Sunlover Heating about our solar pool heating in Sydney today on (02) 9838 0000.

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