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Solar Pool Heating: The Green Way to Enjoy Warm Summer Nights 

Want to have a warm pool all year round but worried about the effect that it might have on the environment?  

Looking after the environment is currently a very popular conversation! That’s why Sunlover heating Brisbane offers a heating solution that keeps your pool at a comfortable temperature and utilises free heating from the sun. Solar pool heating is a good alternative to other pool heating solutions on the market that will keep your pool heated whilst looking after the environment.  

Here are a few reasons why you should consider solar pool heating as your heating solution of choice:  

Environmentally Friendly  

The sun has the ability to produce solar power which is renewable energy. Renewable energy is best for the environment as it utilises what already exists in our environment to heat energy which in turn is used to heat your pool. Solar pool heating is the best heating solution for the environment on the market!  

2. Easy Maintenance  

We know that maintaining your pool can sometimes be difficult, but we want your heating solution to be as easy as possible. Solar pool heating doesn’t rely on motors or fan components so the maintenance is little to none.  

3. Swim all year round! 

Your pool shouldn’t just be something that is enjoyed in winter, but it should be enjoyed all year round! Solar pool heating offers you the opportunity to utilise your pool even during the cooler months of the year in sunny Queensland.   

4. Energy Efficient & Cost Effective 

Not only is your solar pool heating system good for the environment but it is also energy efficient. That’s why after the initial set-up costs associated with solar pool heating, your new system will cost you as little as $1 a day. Using your solar pool heater during the day will ensure that your energy bill is not impacted by the use of your solar pool heating system! 

Are you wanting a heating solution that’s good for your pool and the environment? Contact us today!

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