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Solar Pool Heat Pumps For Commercial Spaces in Queensland

Commercial pool with a overhead cover

These days, it is not only consumers that are looking into reducing their environmental impact and researching more sustainable options, but also businesses. In order to stay ahead of competitors, it is important for commercial spaces to integrate innovative eco-friendly practices and technologies. In this blog, we look into the benefits of Solar Pool Heat Pumps and Commercial Solar Pool Heating in Queensland. 

3 Reasons Why Commercial Spaces Need To Consider Pool Heat Pumps 

Renewable Energy 

Solar Pool Heat Pumps use the sun as its source for creating and generating renewable energy. By utilising solar energy, especially within Queensland, also commonly known as the Sunshine State, and converting it to heating for pool water for commercial spaces in Queensland can reduce a business’s carbon footprint.  

With the world shifting toward embracing more sustainable practices, consumers and patrons are often constantly looking to support businesses and brands that align with their personal values. Which is why businesses that position themselves as leaders within renewable and sustainability practices are successful in building a positive brand image.   

Cost Effective Heating 

Operating and running a pool within a commercial space is no doubt more costly than running a residential Solar Pool Heat Pump in Queensland. Commercial pools differ from residential pools not only in size but also in the frequency in which they are used and the amount of people using the pool at one time. Commercial pools must constantly cater to people all year round, which is why installing a Solar Pool Heat Pump in Queensland for commercial spaces is ideal. 

By installing and running Solar Pool Heat Pumps in Queensland, commercial spaces are able to drastically reduce their day-to-day operational costs. While there is often an initial spend with installation, businesses will find that the reduction in their day-to-day spend to be significantly less.   


To run Solar Pool Heat Pumps in Queensland, once installed, they often need minimal maintenance. This is great for commercial spaces which need reliable systems to enable them to provide great service to their patrons. In saying this, it is always a good idea to keep up regular cleaning and pool care practices to ensure that the Solar Pool Heat Pump is running as it should.   

As discussed about in this blog, Commercial Pools have different requirements and expectations, which is why the addition of Solar Pool Heat Pumps is an excellent solution for Commercial Spaces. Solar Pool Heat Pumps in Queensland Commercial Spaces offer many benefits from enhanced sustainability practices to cost efficiency. Here at Sunlover Queensland, we offer both Strip or Rigid Panel Solar heating for commercial pool systems. If you are ready to take the step and install Solar Pool Heat Pumps to your commercial space or have more questions, please reach out to our team on 1800 814 388. 

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