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Save energy with new Oasis Ci inverter technology

We love being able to provide you with the very latest technology to keep your Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne swimming pool swim-ready. And as we head deeper into winter, we’re so excited to announce that the incredible Oasis Ci Inverter Heat Pump range has landed at Sunlover Heating! With super quiet operation and a state-of-the-art, 5-inch colour touch screen panel, the Ci Series is raising the bar for pool heat pumps. But the best thing about these heaters is their innovative inverter technology.

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What is inverter technology?

Inverter technology is reasonably new to the swimming pool industry in Australia. However, it has been used in the air conditioning industry here and overseas for decades. Based on the same principles employed in air-conditioners and refrigerators, inverter pool heat pumps extract the latent heat that exists in the atmosphere and delivers it directly into the swimming pool water.

How does it work? 

An Oasis Inverter Heat Pump can dial its energy consumption up or down depending on the heat demand requirements of your pool. As your pool approaches the desired temperature, your Oasis Inverter Heat Pump begins to decrease its power consumption, resulting in lower running costs.

If your heat pump isn’t reducing its load when maintaining pool temperatures either, it could be wasting energy. The inverter technology allows the swimming pool heat pump to reach an extremely high COP when compared with conventional heat pumps available on the market.

How do I choose one?

The range of Oasis Ci Inverter Heat Pumps includes five different models, which vary in size, heating capacity and power supply. This means there’s a Ci inverter heat pump that’s perfectly suited to your pool. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, say goodbye to cold swims and hello to the perfect pool temperature, even in the middle of winter.

You can read some of our top tips for choosing a pool heat pump here, or if you’d like to find out more, you can download the brochure here or call 1800 815 913 for a free consultation with a Sunlover Heating pool heating expert in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. We’re ready to take your call!

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